Plans for 35 new homes in Purford Green go before planning committee after large number of objections

News / Sun 30th May 2021 at 08:03am

PLANS for 35 new homes in Purford Green are set to go before Harlow Council’s planning committee.

The application site is the former junior school, which is surplus to requirement following the merging of the former junior school and infants’ school on the adjoining site to become Purford Green Primary School.

Demolition of existing building and redevelopment to provide 35 dwellings incorporating parking, open space, landscaping and associated infrastructure.

The scheme proposes two terraces perpendicular to Little Brays and forms the access to the site. At the rear there are a further five smaller terraces, a semi-detached pair and two detached houses. The properties are two storey with the two end terraces at the access from Little Brays being three storey. The design approach is modern with the use of a beige- grey brick.

The committee will meet on Tuesday June 8th at 7.30pm.

There have been a number of objections to the application

There have been 29 objections received.
 Principle of Development – “I agree the current school and playground are brownfield sites but there is no acknowledgement that the ground covering intended properties 25 to 35 will take over green sites. Consideration should be given not building on this and retaining the green land as a park or extension to the current school which has too few spaces for the children who want to attend there. 10 houses less and retaining green area should not be underestimated. By increasing families in the area this will be even further detrimental to current residents who assume their children will attend the school when they reach that age in the next couple of years and it does not appear that this has been taken into account.”
 Loss of school when there is demand for school places;
 Loss of open space – “The plans also appear to be using a sizeable portion of the current school playing field- which is completely unacceptable.”
 Out of character – “The two 3 storey dwellings at the entrance to the site are out of scale with the surrounding dwellings in Little Brays and Great Leylands.”;
 Impact on residential amenity of 163 Little Brays – “I believe the 3 storey houses will take away light to homes”;
 Traffic congestion especially given the school – “The road around this area is already clogged due to current homes and of course the primary school”, “More houses and therefore cars, will also impact traffic in this area where there is already enough traffic congestion especially around school times and not enough parking available for us residents living in the vicinity. To get to another end of Harlow you have to always allow 30/40 minutes to travel because of traffic.”;
 Parking issues – insufficient parking – “The traffic and parking along this road is already incredibly busy without having numerous new houses needing parking for visitors and the through traffic it will create.”, “I live in stile croft the parking in our street is bad now.”and “It will create major congestion, including already dangerous school times with drop offs currently being made in the middle of the road or parking on zigzagged lines outside the school, due to the insufficient parking levels. where the new road enters the new builds will be located in an awful positions causing congestion both coming in and out of the area as it is located to close to a zebra crossing”and “The scheme does not provide enough visitor parking.”
 Impact of the construction including noise, dust etc- “There will also be a considerable amount of noise pollution while they build this estate which will be disruptive to the children’s education. The traffic build up around the school is already bad enough so adding construction vehicles to the mix will just make it even more unbearable.
 Ground movement and subsidence – “There is significant ground movement and subsidence in this area already which the council ignore.”;
 Impact on drainage – ; “With regard to the water and flooding assessments, I have a neighbour who was previously the chair of governors for Purford Green Infant school. During this time, there were floods due to the properties to the east of the school taking their gardens further into the gullies of the playground. I am therefore aware that any changes to the land is highly likely to lead to flooding.”
 Overlooking of school – “I do not agree with how overlooked the school will be by these houses with how close they are.”
 Impact on wildlife – “As well as bats, we have Kite, Herons, two families of foxes (11), squirrels and lots of other birds which have lived undisturbed for over 10 years since the school was closed. I can see no assessment of the impact on wildlife from any documents in the planning process.” ;
 Overdevelopment – “This town has grown considerably since 1990’s and certainly not for the better!! We have the worst roads ever, to get from one end if this town say Bushfair to the Train station – when most people are at work can take up to 40 minutes or longer if there’s an incident”;
 Impact on doctors’ surgeries – “The local doctors surgeries are already overwhelmed, where will new locals attend if the current surgeries cannot cope?”
 Sunlight/daylight loss to Stile Croft
 Noise level demolition/construction
 Overlooking of Stile Croft – “The proposed Plot 15 building orientation has 2
windows on the side of the property that will oversee the gardens of residents from Stile Croft street” and “The designs as outlined appear to show that new plot 30 for example will look directly into my neighbours house from their bedroom windows. I have lived here for nearly 30 years and bought the property as it overlooked the school and would not have people there in the evenings and weekends. I now face

the prospects of buildings looking into my house from feet away with only two garden
lengths between.”
 Noise and disturbance – “..erecting building so close to the back of those garden
will cause an excess noise and distress to the nearby residents of Stile Croft.”
 Affordable housing – “..should be prioritised to local people who have grown up in the town who are struggling to get onto the housing ladder and remain close to their
 Accessibility – “..the existing footpath to which it connects that passes between the
allotments and Stile Croft is unevenly surfaced and is often heavily overgrown with brambles which can be dangerous particularly at eye level, and is extremely dark at night as it does not benefit from street lighting (whilst being enclosed by 2m fences on one side and an even taller hedge on the other). Therefore, if the proposals could make provision for providing a smooth and even surface to the footpath, the long term maintenance of the overgrown hedge to the north to ensure the brambles are kept cut back and the provision of good quality vandal resistant street lighting this would be a great benefit to the local community who use this footpath as a convenient and sustainable pedestrian route to Bush Fair shops, doctors e.t.c in one direction and a safe pedestrian route for students walking to Passmores School in the other.”
 Impact on adjoining school – “Major concerns for the children attending the school with over looking properties into the school.”

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