Traffic woes as Gilden Way is set for series of weekend closures

News / Sun 30th May 2021 at 10:38am

WORKS continue along Gilden Way with the following works currently in progress:

• Widening of the carriageway to the east of Churchgate roundabout
• Construction of a new access to Mayfield Farm
• Widening and kerbing of the Mulberry Green
junction area
• Significant utility diversions

They will begin resurfacing the new road along Gilden Way in June, between London Road roundabout and Churchgate Street roundabout. This can only be carried out safely under full closures at the weekend and overnight when there is less traffic on the road network.

Temporary Weekend Closures

Full weekend closures will start from Friday 18 June and will continue every weekend (Friday night to Monday morning) until the early morning of Monday 19 July.

This is to carry out carriageway resurfacing works to include removal of the existing surfacing and placement of the new significantly deep surfacing layers.

During these closures there will only be very limited access for resident pedestrians and vehicles with the carriageway otherwise fully closed. We thank you in advance for your continued patience as we deliver this critical phase of the project

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6 Comments for Traffic woes as Gilden Way is set for series of weekend closures:

2021-06-20 20:31:47

It would be good if the actual work took place and people didn’t go miles out their way, to find out no work was taking place!!

2021-07-16 13:43:41

Unbelievable live in Fitzwilliam Court, have too stay in as can't afford taxis to go, so wrong every time u come pass there, they all standing around, could have been done in lock down all 2 meters apart what a fast

2021-09-06 19:45:28

Absolutely horrendous traffic light system is rubbish People going through the red light so blocking the road for other traffic To Go Today the 6/09/ 2021

Roy William Thorogood
2021-09-11 16:30:16

The closure of the access from Fitzwilliams Court supposed to end on Friday 10th September according to the letter from Essex highways. It's Saturday 11th September and it's still closed. The site is like the Marie Celeste. The sun is shining too so there is no excuse for no work being done. The detour around Hobbs Cross and Foster Street is a real pain in the butt. This work should also be done at night and finished. This is typically the way that the British upgrade the roads. What I want to know is the where is the cone farm?? Every day there is a a different pattern of cones. Wake up we are paying for this work in our taxes.

2021-09-12 15:29:26

Churchgate Street Roundabout is still closed from Churchgate Street. Supposed to be open in 10th Sept. not a soul up there working to get it done. They closed the first week schools go back how bad planning is that. So Monday 13th we still got to detour miles around to get to work. I really can’t afford extra petrol costs. There’s no apology signs up there or anything to say when’s it’s open.

Theresa Dawkins
2021-09-13 07:57:06

This is so appalling. . No thought for people's lives here... My daughter works in gilen Park and has to get a taxi. But because of the ridiculous disruption and length of time sitting in traffic they are refusing the fare... And yes the traffic lights are rubbish.. Breaking down... No apologies from workmen... It's totally unfair and avoidable with forward thinking.

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