Labour select candidate for Mark Hall By-election

General / Tue 1st Jun 2021 at 08:23am

HARLOW Labour have selected their candidate to face the Mark Hall By-election which is due to be called due to the tragic loss of Labour’s Councillor Danny Purton. Harlow Labour have selected Kay Morrison to contest the seat.

Kay brings a wealth of experience to the contest, having been a councillor for four terms in Fife, before moving to Essex in 2017 to be nearer to family. With a background in Education, both in secondary and further education, Kay has been selected to bring her unique experience to represent the residents of Mark Hall ward in Harlow District Council.

Kay said: “This by-election is being held for the saddest of reasons. Harlow has lost a wonderful councillor whose contribution to the town is quite remarkable, whose legacy will be evident in a multitude of ways.

“I am committed to holding the Tory-run Harlow Council to account; ensuring they carry on the fantastic achievements of the Labour-run council before they lost power in May.  

“Harlow Labour were producing hundreds of sustainable Council housing, increasing parking for Mark Hall residents through parking schemes and trials. Labour redeveloped The Stow, Moot House and even saved Harlow taxpayers millions of pounds by creating HTS. By creating Harlow Trades Services (HTS), Harlow Labour cleaned up the mess of the Tories after they had privatised the services, handing the control of environmental and property services over to Kier, when they were last in charge.  

“With all the great things the Labour run council produced, they are now threatened with the Conservatives who have lied their way into power.  

“They will start cutting our public services, just like they did in the past before Labour saved them.

“It was Labour that saved the Playhouse from closure. It was Labour who saved Pet’s Corner, the museum and all our other wonderful assets Harlow is known and loved for. The Tories tried to shut them. Just like how the Tory-controlled Essex County Council tried shutting our libraries, especially the Community Hub of Mark Hall Library.
“Not on my watch.

“I promise to Mark Hall residents, that I will not stand by while the Tories shut down our services. I will be the ambassador that Mark Hall needs, working alongside Cllr Bob Davies to stand up for Mark Hall residents and ensure the Tories are held to account.”

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1 Comment for Labour select candidate for Mark Hall By-election:

Julie Taylor
2021-06-21 11:19:12

Dear Kay I am a resident of the Mark Hall Ward and will be voting in the Mark Hall by-election. Before I vote for you I would like to know how you feel about the planning application 3/19/1051/FUL which is to build a crossing across the River Stort. What is your stance? I am sure you're aware that opposition to the crossing is growing exponentially across the town. We face the loss of Redricks Lakes and the obliteration of part of the most beautiful place in Harlow. The river is Harlow's most beautiful asset and used by thousands. It contributes to the well-being of so many. To lose it would be reprehensible.

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