Outrage over plans for major highway to cut through the heart of beloved River Stort.

News / Wed 2nd Jun 2021 at 06:38am

A MAJOR highway is set to run through one of Harlow’s most cherished beauty spots.

As part of the plans for over 23,000 homes around Harlow, including many as part of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town project, there is a proposal for a road to run from Pye Corner on Eastwick Road to Edinburgh Way.

This will cut through an area of outstanding natural beauty on both sides of the River Stort cherished by Harlow residents for centuries.

We went down to the River Stort on Bank Holiday Monday to interview Neil Warner-Banks, who lives on the river.

The planning application has yet to be submitted to Harlow Council’s planning committee.

The East Herts Council planning officer in charge of the bid, Kevin Steptoe told BBC Essex they hope to “minimise the impact” on the environment.

YH plans to run a series of news items on this application.

A petition has been started against the development


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21 Comments for Outrage over plans for major highway to cut through the heart of beloved River Stort.:

Angela Dobson
2021-06-10 17:01:10

I thought the environment was supposed to be top of the list due to the rapid pace of climate change. If we continue with such a scheme it will destroy this lovely area for ever. It is perfectly outrageous!

2021-06-10 20:50:36

The area has a charm, irreplacable

Gillian Stevens
2021-06-14 08:25:23

I am totally against this , our beautiful countryside is being ruined.

Virginia Woods
2021-06-16 21:18:37

Absolutely disgusting, this cannot be allowed to happen.

Lewis skinner
2021-06-21 09:44:29

Fuck sake Harlows last bit of beauty really about to be destroyed 🤣 looks like ill be moving again if they do that ! Pathetic !

Kerry Anne Beales
2021-06-21 16:37:37

Please do not do this to our country side

Kerry Anne Beales
2021-06-21 16:39:13

So up set this to our country side

James Atwell
2021-06-22 06:19:15

Linked to the little advertised opening up of River Way next to the Harlow Mill on Cambridge Road , this will provide a horrendous rat run for traffic through to Sawbridgeworth and Old Harlow , and eventually the new M11 junction .

Claire Douglas
2021-06-22 22:47:08

I do not always like these plans and I feel sorry for the.people that don't want it.

Allen & Elaine Kyme
2021-06-29 18:25:28

Yes, change is a constant. But this change that the so called "powers that be" are planning to inflict on our beautiful river and wetlands is no less than a crime against nature and the people of Harlow. There are alternative plans that must be given a fair hearing. The horrors they plan to impose are abhorrent and irreversible.

Gary Lloyd
2021-07-10 10:35:45

Another 23 thousand plus houses in an already overcrowded town. The Environment and nature destroyed. All done for finance gain. Who's getting a backhander for this? Disgraceful!!

Keith Hatwell
2021-07-15 17:00:07

The loss of this beautiful habitat will be of no benefit at all to the people of Harlow.

2021-08-21 17:00:21

update 21st August : petition has reached 5500 in very short time, plus over 1000 supporters: planning meeting 8th Sept East Herts : please sign the petition and contact local cllrs and MP's : Save Our Stort

2021-08-25 20:08:21

An utter disgrace! We need to breath in this natural space! It’s a true healer…. Don’t contaminate it.

Ian middleditch
2021-09-16 02:21:28

it's no surprise as someone as a cab driver around here for 35 years with the allowing of a mass population explosion over the last thirty years or so the need for housing and infrastructure is a must maybe people ought to think about what they want for the next thirty for our children before allowing millions into the country also anyone who knows the original plan knows the m11 junction 8 was put in the wrong place sir Frederick gibberd the town designer put the industrial estates not too far from the station roundabout as this was where the junction was meant to be also who would put a motorway junction through an already extremely busy industrial estate and when it gets to McDonald's roundabout it's going to be single lane great planning guys no idea how they get the job !!!!!

Billie Achilleos
2021-09-27 13:50:14

It's one of the few areas of beauty in Harlow. We don't have much natural beauty here. Rethink your plans. We can't afford to loose anymore of our natural spaces.

2021-10-09 08:03:37

For me, this is a sacrilege, and an act of human self-harm. A desecration of yet another refuge for nature. And what harms nature ultimately harms us. We need nature as never before, and nature desperately needs us at this juncture.

2021-10-15 16:29:29

I've lived in Harlow for many years and fished the river stort since I was a child . Why ruin a place of natural beauty...

Geoff Allibone
2021-10-31 12:50:49

I'm on a Highway to Harlow! The Tory government is bribing local councils to grant planning permission by offering cash rewards for achieving quotas for new housing. At the same time the government has restricted financial support for critical services like home care for the elderly which the council is legally obliged to provide, so the councils are being blackmailed to allow private developers to build in these environmentally sensitive areas. Meanwhile this Tory government is being financed by donations from private property developers. It's the same across the entire England. Corruption and cronyism is rampant under Bodger. Find out who has been donating to your local Con branch?

Geoff Allibone
2021-10-31 12:57:25


Harlow resident
2021-11-19 19:21:17

Harlow needs a sensible road infrastructure, if not this solution the what? 30 years ago the solution put forward was to take the a414 from east wick roundabout directly to the M11, Harlow council rejected the option, probably asisted by pishiobury residents. That solution has been rehashed and ruined by the current golden way m11 link. As someone has already pointed out , the McDonald’s, roundabout will ruin the whole movement of traffic. What is it that Harlow residents want ?

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