Anger as Tories “tear up the rules” and approve 35 homes on Purford Green

News / Thu 10th Jun 2021 at 07:09am

THERE WAS anger from politicians of both parties as approval was given for 35 new homes in Purford Green.

The new homes will be built on the fields once used by Purford Green school.

All five Conservative councillors voted for the new homes. All three Labour councillors voted against.

Bush Fair’s new Conservative councillor , Dan Swords, speaking in his capacity as a ward councillor, spoke passionately against the proposal. You can see his speech from the 17th minute.

After the meeting, Labour councillor Mike Danvers expressed his anger with the decision

Cllr Danvers said: “Tonight, the first meeting of the Conservative dominated planning committee, they tore up the rules and allowed an extensive area of green space to be used for Essex county council for housing for profit.

The local community’s wishes were ignored even after an impassioned plea from the local councillor.

“The application was not in the local plan and clearly this is an indication that the Consevatives are determined to concrete over Harlow’s green spaces in their search to provide Essex county  council with more revenue.

“Even the £70,000 to be given to the Council as a concession for the development is not to be spent on amenities for the people of Brays Grove and Bush Fair.

“It begs the question which playfields are next for housing development under our new Conservative Council”.

Film of the agenda item is below.

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4 Comments for Anger as Tories “tear up the rules” and approve 35 homes on Purford Green:

Joan cook
2021-06-10 08:44:04

It’s vital for peoples mental health to have access to green spaces around them. Children need theses areas to play in. Please consider the consequences before building on our green spaces. Sir Fredrick Gibberd would turn in his grave to see his dream town devoid of its beautiful green spaces.

Bob Davis
2021-06-10 11:54:04

The chair forced this through by influencing the new councillors that seemed unsure about not following the lead of the chair. The people living in the area will lose out due to parking issues and losing funding for recreational areas. The chair should have not voted but use his casting vote if needed. very badly run meeting

Connie Sosa
2021-06-10 18:55:22

This project had been submitted long before the Conservatives took control and Labour was fully aware of the entire matter. It is interesting to note that neither of the two Bush Fair Labour councillors even bothered to show up or speak. As to this 'open, green space', it has not been used since 2018 and has been boarded up and left unattended. The part of the school that has been closed for a number of years and its surrounding grounds have just been left in neglect by the former Labour Council that has allowed so much of the town to deteriorate; just look at the dereliction around the Market Square. Labour should examine their own consciences before blaming others for their dereliction and incompetence.

martin chapman
2021-06-11 12:13:44

more back handers to the right people to get things passed

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