Developer behind homes in The Stow makes plea to council in order to speed up demolition

General / Mon 14th Jun 2021 at 09:37am

THE developer behind an application to build houses in The Stow has appealed to Harlow Council to make a change in their permissions in order to make it easier to demolish existing buildings.

AS YH highlighted recently, the service bay area at the back of The Stow is full of derelict abandoned buildings with debris scattered everywhere.

The developers, who have permission to build 88 homes on the site, have detailed why they have applied for a “variation”.

The reasoning behind the application to vary Condition 6 is as follows:

 the purpose of application HW/REMVAR/20/00607 was to vary conditions 11
and 16; although 3no new conditions have been added to reflect recent legislation changes, there was no reason to alter Condition 6, which seems to have been amended accidentally and unnecessarily

 requested wording has been already approved in this exact form as part of application HW/FUL/19/00257; the applicant is simply asking to reinstate the original description of Condition 6

 the aforementioned condition relates to landscaping proposals; demolition works of the existing buildings, which the original exemption allowed for, does not affect any future landscaping proposals

 the vacant nature of the site encourages anti‐social behaviour and vandalism, which keep re‐occurring despite the applicant’s best efforts to keep the site fully secured; the applicant has engaged in numerous consultations with the local police, who are keen for the buildings to be demolished as soon as possible

 all of the necessary pre‐demolition conditions related to HW/FUL/19/00257 have been discharged and the demolition contractor appointed to start on site; recently issued decision (HW/REMVAR/20/00607) compromised the works, which otherwise might have been completed in line with the original approval

Full details can be found below.


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2 Comments for Developer behind homes in The Stow makes plea to council in order to speed up demolition:

2021-06-15 16:56:29

No more houses it’s to busy

Neil Warner-Baker
2021-06-16 11:17:12

Ohh dear, I popped over there recently for a takeaway, for until recently it was a bustling centre of multi cultural shops and businesses.. I can't see the sense in destroying business hubs..and replacing it with housing.. Where will the jobs be for those in the housing? Where is this in Gibbards Plan?

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