Leader of Harlow Labour warns Tories “not to re-write history”

News / Fri 18th Jun 2021 at 02:52pm

THE new leader of the Harlow Labour set out his stall at a meeting of the Conservative-led Harlow Council Cabinet on Thursday night.

Mild-mannered councillor Chris Vince made it clear that he would not put up with the Conservatives “re-writing history” or taking the plaudits for work done by the previous Labour administration.

Reflecting on last night’s meeting, cllr Vince said: “It is a shame that the Tory administrations strategy seems to be to rewrite history and forget the numerous achievements of the previous Labour led council. 

However, at cabinet on Thursday we saw two reports which completely vindicated Mark Ingall’s administration.   The first celebrated the pioneering work that the late Cllr Danny Purton did looking at the long term strategic vision for her town.  This was particularly highlighted by the Conservative portfolio holder for strategic growth’s comments that the sustainability guidance document which was presented, which will seek to ensure all development is both green and sustainable, had been praised by a number of other authorities and organisations. 

This was followed by the rightful acknowledgement of the work the late Cllr Frances Mason did on diversity, equality and inclusivity by the presentation of her final report on the topic.  I thank the conservative portfolio holder for finance for his recognition of Frances’ work as I did at the meeting and I want to reiterate what I said in the meeting about Frances’ dedication to these three key areas.  I am determined to ensure that the work that Cllr Mason did on this key area is not kicked into the long grass and as an opposition will continue to scrutinise the administration to this end. 

As always Harlow Labour will continue to provide important and necessary scrutiny to the Conservative administration and show the residents of Harlow it is Labour who are on their side. 

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3 Comments for Leader of Harlow Labour warns Tories “not to re-write history”:

Connie Sosa
2021-06-18 18:19:07

After 10 years in power, the main thrust of the Labour campaign in the recent local elections was about pot holes. Where was their track record after almost 10 years in power? Looking at the neglect and dereliction of the Town Centre, they would struggle to list their achievements on the back of a second class stamp!

David Hughes
2021-06-20 09:47:38

Connie you talk a lot of sense. More power to your elbow. But let's be honest who ever is in power will abuse it

Jake Shepherd
2021-06-21 14:51:28

I'm obviously slightly imbued as a Labour member but the Labour administration for 10 years delivered a balanced budget every year and ensured no redundancies or cuts to discretionary services (paddling pools, pets corner and the playhouse). All in a decade of unprecedented cuts. As a young person who cares about our town, the Civic Pride Community Fund, Harlow Carnival and Firework Night are all achievements to have restored or maintained. Over 50 new council homes for local residents (the Conservatives built zero when they were last in power). I could go on but the point is that a Labour administration brought real benefits to residents during unbelievably difficult times.

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