Stewards Academy proud of their work with local charities

Charity / Fri 18th Jun 2021 at 03:15pm

STEWARDS Academy is proud to work with a number of charities to support vulnerable pupils and families in the academy and wider community. Each year we run the Stewards Christmas Appeal which has gone from strength to strength, but The Bridge team have worked tirelessly to ensure there is now support available throughout the year.

Since January, the Academy have distributed 700 Bags of Hope containing food items. These were gratefully received by the Jedidiah charity whose philosophy is “Everyone needs help sometimes. We are dedicated to providing a helping hand to those who are going through a tough time especially worsened by the pandemic. We are committed to standing alongside families whilst they regroup and get back on their feet.”

After applying for funding from the Harlow Poverty Alliance Stewards has been able to distribute £3000 worth of Asda vouchers over the spring and summer terms. We have also distributed over 40 Foodbank holding boxes to families in need.

Stewards have been able to support other charities also and have donated tins of food and sanitary products to Peterswood social care drop-in for the community; and sanitary products, provided by the Harlow Food Bank, have been shared with Harlow College.

The most recent development at Stewards will be having a Food Pantry run in conjunction with MCKS Charitable Food Pantry. This will be an amazing resource stocked with food and toiletries for families that are struggling to provide these for their children. We have already been able to connect families with this charity for support and we are really appreciative that we will be able to work with the charity longer term.

Amanda Atkinson, Bridge leader, said: “No child or adult should have to go without and if everybody helped somebody the world would be a better place. We continue to work with our families throughout the year who need support.”

Helen Ginger, Headteacher, said: “I am incredibly grateful to the work undertaken by Mrs Atkinson who has liaised with the charities; our reception staff who assist her with deliveries and distribution; and The Bridge team, in providing this support to our most vulnerable families. This work often goes on behind the scenes, but it provides a vital service.”

If you are interested in following the life of Stewards Academy, we regularly have updates on Twitter and Instagram. Please follow us @StewardsAcademy and @Stewards_Head on Twitter and @stewardsacademy on Instagram. 

A final source of information is here on YourHarlow where you can see lots of things we have been up to previously: 

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