Labour’s Kay determined to fight again in Mark Hall By-Election

News / Sun 20th Jun 2021 at 03:47pm

LABOUR candidate for the Mark Hall ward by-election, Kay Morrison, is an experienced politician but her debut in Harlow was a defeat in the ward of Netteswell in May.

But that doesn’t seemed to have put Kay off as she has decided to stand again.

We went down to the ward to speak to Kay about her experience in Netteswell, her campaign this time including the little matter of the Stort Crossing on the edge of her ward.

The full list of candidates are on our politics page.

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17 Comments for Labour’s Kay determined to fight again in Mark Hall By-Election:

Lewis Brand
2021-06-20 17:28:05

In both her interviews with Your Harlow she has been wearing glasses, so that you can’t see her eyes, you can read a lot from people’s eyes. I feel like she has something to hide. Labour have been in power before, and voted for the new crossing by the river stort… now they are trying to backtrack to win votes. Labour always let down the public, I believe it’s time for a different party rather than Labour or Conservatives in Harlow.

2021-06-20 18:08:22

Lewis ....... Take a look at our website www.harlowallianceparty.org

james nicholson
2021-06-20 18:38:04

I honestly do not trust her, she only started talking about the Stort crossing proposal after the Green candidate did. She is jumping on the bandwagon just to try and get more votes

Lewis Brand
2021-06-20 19:12:07

Hi Tenpin, I’ve had a look at your website, and I’ve heard of the Harlow Alliance Party before, trouble is though your party do not make enough profile during your campaigns, I’ve only ever heard of your party from a few people, rather than your actual party members. If all the members of Harlow Alliance Party truly cared about Harlow they should vote for the Green Candidate running for Mark Hall as your not taking part in this election. My votes Green.

Paul Henderson
2021-06-20 20:17:10

James Nicholson, I agree. She is a hard left Corbynist. Probably a Remainer and totally out of touch with the people of Harlow. Vote for her at your peril.

Connie Sosa
2021-06-20 20:29:55

What complete hypocrite. Labour signed up to the Gilston project several years ago. Also, Labour proposed building houses in the Stackfield, Mark Hall North conservation area, which would led to the destruction of precious, ancient woodland. Thankfully, this project was cancelled by the newly elected Conservative Council, much to the relief of local residents. Harlow Labour are masters of deceit and green credentials are dubious to say the least.

John Wake
2021-06-20 20:34:55

Kay Morrison is more than a little ambiguous in her statements about the proposed River Stort crossing. She does not actually state unequivocally that she opposes the project. Therefore she gives no reason for those opposed to the project to vote for her. That she has been involved in environmental campaigns in the past is of no importance in view of the fact that faced with a test of her concern for the natural environment she fails to take a stand on the side of protecting that environment.

Tony Durcan
2021-06-20 20:48:28

It was so refreshing to listen to someone who doesn’t stay on script and was open and honest. Regardless of politics we need more Kay’s speak up and speaking out on issues that matter to Harlow. We need to hear a different voice. I hope Kay inspire other women regardless of political views to come and become community champions. On this occasion voting Kay will make a difference. I’m biased and grateful to Kay

Paul Henderson
2021-06-20 21:04:05

Mr Durcan, what a load of nonsense. She basically just waffled. She was hammered in Netteswell and is just a Momentum stooge. People in Harlow are fed up with this empty rhetoric. They want improvement to the town after so much neglect.

2021-06-20 23:11:41

Lewis. the Harlow Alliance Party held a number of public meetings in 2019 in various parts of the town which were very well attended, but due to Covid we were not able to hold such meetings in other areas of the town such as Mark Hall. Many of our members have helped deliver leaflets in the wards that we have contested since 2018 and spoken to many residents whilst out and about doing this. I am sure that a check with the other Parties would reveal that only a small number of members are activists, photo shoots leading up to the recent elections show the same old faces. We were the only Party who objected to the Local Plans of Harlow Council and Epping Forest DC, our objections to the former resulted in 7 green spaces in the town being deleted from Labour's building Plan, which the Conservatives had made no formal objection to.

Kay Morrison
2021-06-21 12:47:00

That people are listening to what I say is refreshing, even some of the descriptions of my stance are fanciful. Focussing on my reactive lenses is bizarre, though! Having had some experience of Planning issues, I've learned that highlighting the issues/raising Planning objections/staying factual really makes a difference. Incidentally, more female candidates would be extremely welcome. There are plenty of talented women whose inclusion would make politics much more representative.

2021-06-21 17:43:21

Kay, yes the glasses was a little off topic, however if you'd kindly like to address why you praised the new industrial area and regarded them as 'incredible building' and mentioned nothing about the environment in your April speech on your Harlow then why would we believe you now? Also I agree there are many great talented females who would make amazing councillors however I do not believe you are 1 of them. You cannot live in Harlow for 4 years and think you understand the issues...

paul henderson
2021-06-21 19:45:10

James makes a fair point. Labour have only put her up for election as a relatively unknown. after the May electoral massacre, Labour could not risk putting up on e of their better known former councillors only to be beaten again. Yes, we do need more talented women in local politics, but as you say, Morrison is not one. Just a Momentum wind bag!

Lewis Brand
2021-06-21 20:26:15

Kay it’s not a refreshing to hear more lies, your April interview you complement the “new industrial area” and I quote “wonderful buildings” also that the people Harlow I don’t know what’s coming is this to suggest that you knew all about the river stort? And again you said nothing about preserving our green spaces. Now your backtracking to try winning votes, after your failed attempt in Netteswell. The Green Party candidate has made more of an effort to raise awareness of the proposed crossing, and has openly said he’s against the crossing, more than of which you have done. And the glasses.. people say if someone is looking towards the right they are more likely to tell a lie.. with your glasses on who’s to say what your thinking. But in saying all I do admire your courage to keep going after your failures.

Rosemary Bostock
2021-06-22 17:05:30

Dark glasses are there to protect the eyes she may have had a cataract operation all you know.Anyway you vote for people on their politics not what they look like. Boris Johnson looks like a total idiot and people still voted for him. Kay is no idiot she has strong socialist principles. Against private development and for social housing to name a few. Tories are deceitful and liars you have only have to look at our present government to see that. Look how they handled Brexit we totally had the wool pulled over our eyes on that one.If I lived in the ward I certainly would give her my vote.

Paul Henderson
2021-06-23 08:37:41

Rosemary Bostock, Brexit was the greatest democratic vote in UK history and Harlow was one of the strongest Leave voting areas. Labour's ambiguity on the Referendum was shameful. It was the present Government that delivered on this momentous issue to free us from the bureaucratic shackles of Brussels. The candidate, Kay Morrison represents the out of touch, extreme Momentum wing of Labour that has been comprehensively rejected by the people of Harlow and the rest of the country. Labour symbolises high taxes and waste. The people of Mark Hall should not be deceived by a local party and candidate that recently supported an insane petition to scrap the popular and successful Army Cadet programme at Burnt Mill Academy.

David Forman
2022-01-22 12:37:08

I believe that some readers have been unnecessarily harsh on Momentum member Kay Morrison, especially regarding the Stort Crossing. If those people were to listen again to the interview with an open mind, then they would conclude Kay is opposed to the Stort Crossing. I say this as someone implacably opposed to Momentum, Progress or other factions in the Labour Party. It's worth remembering that Labour's 1945 election winner Clement Attlee was opposed to factions, just as the Bolshevik leader Lenin was before him.

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