Harlow councillors discuss Harlow and Gilston Garden Town plan

News / Mon 21st Jun 2021 at 09:31am

A NUMBER of issues relating to Harlow and Gilston Garden Town (HGGT) were discussed at a meeting of the Conservative-led Harlow Council Cabinet on Thursday night.

The agenda item was led by the portfolio holder for strategic growth, cllr Mike Hardware.

The key words for the whole document appeared to be “sustainability” and “carbon neutral”.

With that in mind, Labour councillor Mike Danvers asked if cllr Hardware had any comments regarding the proposed River Crossing?

Cllr Hardware told the meeting that he had been down to the site and had “asked officers to check that all the proper evaluations had been done”.

There were a number of other questions asked.

The recommendation that was approved was as follows:

Cabinet approves the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town Sustainability Guidance and Checklist (March 2021), as set out in Appendix A to the report, as a material consideration in the planning process for the preparation of masterplans, pre- application advice, assessing planning applications and any other development management purpose for all major residential development proposals (of 10 or greater dwellings); applications for change of use resulting in a major residential development; and Council-led housing.

The twenty minute item can be seen below.

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9 Comments for Harlow councillors discuss Harlow and Gilston Garden Town plan:

2021-06-21 09:40:26

Considering the over 200 objections made so far I hope they listen or the locals will remember...

Jawad Sharief
2021-06-21 09:57:55

Scotland's new bill to kill off disabled people is disgusting because i am proud smart and strong the British government fears me they want British citizens to be timid and weak and quiet

2021-06-21 12:02:56

Please stop this ghastly project. So many here depend on the nature. Rethink. Stop the crossing.

Danny Gleeson
2021-06-21 12:19:39

If the council would kindly spend as much time as they do on avoiding the question on actually addressing the question that would be greatly appreciated. Signed: A voting member of the community.

2021-06-21 13:55:40

These Councillors are still trying to kid those of us who live in the town that the thousands of homes that will be built to the North, South and West of Harlow are part of Harlow. They are not. The nearest homes in "Harlow "North" will be about a mile away from the edge of Harlow and will receive public services from Hertfordshire C C and East Hearts DC. When finished the number of homes there will be about three times the number in Church Langley, with their own shops, leisure facilities, schools etc. Neither Harlow or Essex will receive any financial benefit by way of Council tax or New Homes bonus, but our roads will be clogged by even more traffic. I am aware that many Councillors read these pages (but rarely answer questions), but can any of you tell me for example what benefit someone living in say the Rundells or Canons Gate will see as a result of this document, on where they live or work? Whilst he developers are set to make tens of millions of pounds profit, Harlow's existing residents will see no benefit.

D Langrish
2021-06-21 18:10:10

Why, you never listen anyway.

Tony Mella
2021-06-21 18:43:59

How is this justified ! How many of the meeting attendees live in this area. How many grew up in this area. Where are your moral compasses ! Utterly disgraceful to even consider doing this wilful act of environmental vandalism !

A member of the support group
2021-06-22 07:20:45

Please stop and rethink this ghastly as of environmental vandalism. So many people and animals depend on these places. Listen to your local people please.

paul henderson
2021-06-24 09:56:28

Tenpin, recommend that you read the HGGT website where the building plans are clearly stated. There are 4 sites: i) Gilston (East Herts) 3,600 new homes from 2022-23 and a further 6400 up until 2050 ii) Latton Priory (Epping Forest) 1050 homes from 2022-23 to the South of Harlow. iii) Water Lane (Epping Forest) 2100 homes to the West of Harlow from 2022-23 iv) Harlow East (HDC and Epping Forest). 2600 homes in Harlow and 750 in Epping Forest from 2022-23. It is not beyond the realms of reason that the whole of the new Harlow Gilston Garden Town will be brought under a single administrative authority with the necessary boundary changes. It is hardly feasible for five local authorities to manage this.

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