Residents finally move into flats on Prentice Place

News / Mon 21st Jun 2021 at 08:25am

THE former portfolio holder for regeneration has welcomed the news that the first tenants are moving into Prentice Place in Harlow.

The development and regeneration of the flats above the shops in Potter Street has taken a long time but the furniture lorries had been spotted last week.

Shadow portfolio holder for regeneration, Cllr Tony Durcan said: Everyone knows this has been a challenge to get to this position and I would like to praise all the council staff and partners who have made this journey successful.

“We were determined to achieve our aspiration of bringing modern homes onto the council waiting list to enable local people to have a brand new council home.

“Labour made a clear commitment to build and develop council homes when in charge and whilst this project had made twists and turns we have finally achieved a brilliant and sustainable outcome.

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6 Comments for Residents finally move into flats on Prentice Place:

Paul Henderson
2021-06-21 14:53:24

How long did this ‘fantastic’ project take? I think the Egyptians built the pyramids in less time!😂

gary roberts
2021-06-21 16:16:20

In answer to Mr. Anderson's question: Over 20 years. But this development is not finished. The former neighbourhood office was to be part of the overall development in Potter Street but sadly has remained empty for the same amount of time. Then we have the disgraceful closure of Osler House the former doctors' surgery. It needs to be opened now with either doctors' or nurses in place: preferably both!

gary roberts
2021-06-21 19:25:57

My apologies to Mr. Henderson for calling him Mr. Anderson.

David Forman
2021-06-22 07:59:06

A classic example of Labour"s fine words and aspiration, but poor management of resources.

Tony Durcan
2021-06-22 16:12:12

Anyone who has been involved in this complex project knows the challenges we have had. Funny how some people forget that this wasn’t a stand alone project but part of a tiered change. We start by moving the play area and paddling pool which wasn’t easy due to the new location. We then built new homes at the top end of Carter’s mead. We then we’re going to build a new health centre which took years to get a final decision We then started on prentice place whilst waiting for the NHS to make it mind up. The building was a challenge and was complicated by ECC regarding the car park and access road. Safety regulation then changed which meant more internal work had to be completed Then the gas people wanted to dig up the car park. We then found out we had fitted the wrong fire doors as the regulation had changed before we could hand it over. I would say this did test the patience of a saint and would have been so easy to stop. So it’s a credit to leadership and management that we made a commitment and we stuck to that commitment. Let not forget 10 families have a new secure home as a result. So not perfect but give credit we got there. It’s a great design

gary roberts
2021-06-23 08:44:55

"Funny how some people forget that this wasn’t a stand alone project but part of a tiered change" Really? Cllr. Durcan forgets that some remember the process from the start unlike him. I remember the promises made to the many who had lived in the area all their adult lives and who passed believing that Potter Street was being forgotten again when delay after delay went into months then years. I am offended by Cllr. Durcan's response and so will many remaining residents' who were also present at the start over 20 years ago.

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