Stewards and Passmores students receive Jack Petchey Awards

Education: Secondary / Tue 22nd Jun 2021 at 01:07pm

SEVENTY-FIVE incredible young people from schools and colleges in Harlow received their prestigious Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Awards presented at a live digital event last night.

The digital event celebrated Achievement Award winners aged 11-25 from Harlow for their contributions to their school/college community. Winners received medallions and framed certificates from the Foundation prior to the online event along with a £250 grant for them to spend to benefit their school or youth group.

In addition, five adults were awarded Leader Awards for demonstrating outstanding ability to motivate young people. They each received a medallion and a framed certificate.

Achievement Award winners include Aimee Mayo, aged 16, who attends Stewards Academy.

Aimee was awarded the Jack Petchey Achievement Award for her work and dedication to peer mentoring and for being an amazing role model to younger students. In addition, Aimee has been a key leader of the school’s Charity Team this year and has gone above and beyond to ensure that each fundraising event was a success.

Aimee said: “A few months after lockdown, I received a call from my school that I had got the last Jack Petchey Award of the year and they read out why I received it, and being in the challenging place I was in at the time it was really nice to hear positive things about myself and feel validated. I was so shocked that I had received the award but I’m very glad I did as I feel like I really needed it at the time, it really meant a lot to me.”

Award winner Aimee decided to spend her £250 Jack Petchey Achievement Award grant on equipment for the school’s Rocket Club.

Mason Wilson, aged 15, who also attends Stewards Academy.

Mason was recognised with this award as he has gone from strength to strength during his time at the academy. With his diagnosis of autism, he has faced many challenges through his education and has learned to manage these changes to the sensory environment, social expectations and experiences of being a teenager.

Staff who have worked with Mason describe his cheeky smile, quirky sense of humour and the kindness he shows to everyone. Mason is keen to educate others on autism and mentors younger autistic students and supports them with their worries. He has also organised charity events to raise money for Autistic Awareness day.

Award winner Mason decided to spend his £250 Jack Petchey Achievement Award grant on sensory toys and other supplies for autistic students and children.

Harrison Matthews, aged 16, who also attends Stewards Academy.

Harrison was nominated for his award by fellow students for the support he offers to staff and peers at the academy. As a talented musician, Harrison loves to perform at various events throughout the year, and when he does he also helps mentor the younger performers with their pieces or overcoming nerves.

In addition, as a Young Carer, Harrison shares his experience and support with other young people in the same situation. For example, he is regularly involved in the Friendship Group support group and has regularly delivered talks and performances to them.

Harrison said: “I was very proud to receive the award, and felt humbled that several people would vote for me. It was nice to feel that my work was noticed and that it made a difference.”

Award winner Harrison decided to spend his £250 Jack Petchey Achievement Award grant on unbreakable drum sticks and PE fitness cards.

Oak Saunders, aged 14, who attends Passmores Academy.

Oak was awarded the Achievement Award for reaching out to elderly and vulnerable people in his community by sending them letters and seeds to plant in the garden over the lockdown. He also made bracelets which he sold to raise money for the NHS and achieved his second Blue Peter badge for his work to improve the environment.
Oak said: “To be awarded the Jack Petchey Achievement Award was surprising but great. It means that I could buy some items for my school, that would make my fellow students experiences at school better. I liked being able to do that, I’m glad that I was able to make a difference.”

Award winner Oak decided to spend his £250 Jack Petchey Achievement Award grant on history resources and sensory resources for students.

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Jawad Sharief
2021-06-22 13:44:55

Well done to all you Jack Petchy award winners The world needs more decent leaders and you lot are on that road well done

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