Conservative action restoring pride in Harlow by clearing rogue estate agent boards

News / Wed 23rd Jun 2021 at 07:29am

QUICK action from the new Conservative leadership of Harlow has seen a reduction in rogue estate agent boards, following a crackdown.

Days after the introduction of a new, tougher policy on estate agents advertising illegally on road signs and public land, several prominent signs that had been reported have been removed. 

This includes the threat of issuing fines alongside quicker action when fly posting is reported. It has also been made easier for residents to report fly posting.

The Conservative’s Environment lead, Councillor Alastair Gunn said, “Under the Conservatives, we will make Harlow look better and be a better place to live. Estate agents and other businesses advertising where they have no right to mars the image of the town, and we’re using the legal powers that are available to sort this out.

“I am pleased that the signs reported have been quickly removed by Council workers, and in some cases by the estate agents themselves. I thank them for their cooperation and know that responsible estate agents who care for the town welcome this new approach.

“There are still plenty of advertising signs and hoardings up on private land that are being investigated and may take longer to clear. The job of clearing up Harlow has only just begun.”

Harlow’s tough new enforcement policy has attracted attention nationally from industry press, such as The Negotiator, Property Industry Eye and Estate Agent Today.

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11 Comments for Conservative action restoring pride in Harlow by clearing rogue estate agent boards:

Tony Durcan
2021-06-23 15:22:26

The former councillor Danny Purton raised this several years ago and at the time the estate agents agreed and they did take down signs. This policy was introduce by Danny and pleased to see the Tory have adopted it and taking more action. We need to keep up the pressure.

Connie Sosa
2021-06-23 16:21:50

Mr Durcan, Stop scrapping the barrel. Your Party were in power until last month and had done nothing to clear up this issue. The Tories have barely assumed power and are already showing much more vigour on a number of fronts. So now Labour have been kicked out, they have suddenly awoken? Harlow needs a serious opposition, not a group of Momentum dinosaurs. I am hopeful that one of the LibDems, Greens or Harlow Alliance might emerge as alternatives. The fact is that Harlow is now a pretty safe Tory seat and now has a council to reflect that. A new and credible opposition is needed for the sake of democratic accountability. Labour is well past its sell by date.

Tony Durcan
2021-06-23 16:47:35

To be honest Connie it will take a lot to get a rise out of me. Let’s be clear name calling and insulting is so boring. All it does is shine a bright light on how horrible Some Tories can become. You don’t know me and clearly I don’t want to know you. So stop your Pathetic attempts of bullying as it will never win over the people who matter. Let’s debate nicely or not at all.

Connie Sosa
2021-06-23 18:10:02

I fail to see how I have been insulting or rude to you. It is called ‘criticism’. As for “bullying”, well you should check the dictionary.Stop this simulated indignation and stop evading the issue that Labour failed to address this. Had they done so, there would be no need for the current administration to take action. I am not a Tory. I vote for whomever I consider more competent. You clearly don’t know me either. I prefer an efficient administration handling my taxes over an inefficient one. I do genuinely want to see a viable opposition in Harlow. I do not see Labour fulfilling that role any time soon.

David Forman
2021-06-24 08:50:16

Tony Durcan is talking nonsense. I reported illegally placed advertising boards to Contact Harlow on 10 November 2020 and only ever received the standard automated reply. Those boards are still chained to street furniture outside St James church in Southern Way. I have forwarded my original email to Contact Harlow and copied it to Cllr Alistair Gunn and YourHarlow. It seems Labour councillor Tony Durcan is in denial about his party's poor management of the town.

Tony Durcan
2021-06-24 13:44:27

Let’s me clear the original request and the memorandum of understanding was first introduced by the former Councillor Danny Purton who was the cabinet member at the time There was an agreement in place with several estate agents who accepted that boards should be removed and many did. Sadly due to many factors including out of town letting agents and estate agents these businesses ignored or claim they didn’t know about ye agreement. We know and I suspect they are the same one referred to by David chose to ignore all attempts to get them removed. Sadly this isn’t an isolated issue. In regards to Mr Foreman’s comment just because I have a different opinion doesn’t mean it’s nonsense. Being rude doesn’t help any healthy debate and will stop others from daring to have a different view point. Clearly sensible and respectful comments are not welcomed on Your Harlow pages. This has nothing to do with poor management as Danny Parton was a fine hard working dedicated councillor who drove through change and opportunity. He lead this campaign and I remain pleased that the Tories are now taking more action.

Connie Sosa
2021-06-24 16:57:15

Mr Durcan, stop taking 'offence' at every criticism. People are entitled to express their views. We still have freedom of speech -but for how long? Instead of constantly going on the defensive, why can't you accept that all was not rosy under the previous Labour Administration. Acknowledge the fact that the new councillor has taken this task to hand. It is not difficult. Healthy debate involves and open and honest exchange of opinions. It also means that one has to listen to views that are different from one's own. That is democracy.

Connie Sosa
2021-06-24 16:59:44

Mr Durcan, I apologise. You did acknowledge the new Councillor's initiative on this issue

Tony Durcan
2021-06-24 17:55:50

Your Harlow is set up to enable a balanced sensible and respectful debate to take place about the article .what I object to and will call out is when some believe they only way to get a point across is to insult and bully. We attempting to get different people to get engaged into shaping our future. To achieve this they must feel safe that they won’t be abused by simple having a view. We should welcome debate not attack it. We will agree to disagree but I will call out abuse and bullying from whoever. I hope the abuse will stop and endorse your view that debate is about being honest and open and can I add respectful. Thank you

Connie Sosa
2021-06-24 18:27:50

Political views, as with religious views should be subject to the most robust scrutiny and debate. After all, unlike race, gender or ethnicity, which are not subject to individual choice, politics and religion are, and as such should not afforded any special regard.

D. Roberts
2021-06-24 21:00:23

Well said Connie. It seems that Durcan isn’t responding anymore. In any case, it seems he is unable to take any opposition as a legitimate form of debate and instead spits his dummy out... it should be visible passing Jupiter shortly.

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