Mark Hall By-Election: Labour candidate makes appeal over Stort Crossing

Politics / Tue 29th Jun 2021 am30 07:56am

An Appeal to Harlow Council

DURING the Mark Hall by-election campaign, residents have told me of their fears regarding the potential effect of the proposed River Stort crossing. I’ve spent several hours at the site so I’m aware of the scale of the project and its likely impacts on a complex eco-system (including on protected species), detrimentally affecting a local amenity irreversibly.

Councillors tell me that agreement in principle was given to the Harlow/Gilston development and that detailed plans were provided only recently. As always, the devil is in the detail. I’ve asked that the matter be scrutinised; I request that further briefings be provided to councillors to enable them to understand what’s being proposed, its implications and the alternatives.

We’ve been told that the UK is ‘shockingly unprepared for climate change.’ This could be Harlow Council’s opportunity to demonstrate the sort of enlightened thinking that our fragile environment needs right now.

Kay Morrison
Labour Candidate

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11 Comments for Mark Hall By-Election: Labour candidate makes appeal over Stort Crossing:

2021-06-29 08:42:52

It's simple, the route is possibly the worst that could have been chosen. There's other options greener and cheaper! Additionally now there's a mass transit EW system going forward that changes the whole picture. Park and ride would be a useful solution with an extension branch to the mass transport and local hydrogen buses. We don't need another road feeding traffic into Harlow, period. Stop the Stort SOS . The whole Gilston estate development needs urgent reappraisal in the light of the Climate Change Committee Report and other recent developments. How could Cllrs from.all Parties and counties have allowed the developers defer critical environmental impact assessments in the planning application? Asleep at the wheel?

Paul Henderson
2021-06-29 09:01:55

Is the Labour candidate, Kay Morrison expecting to be taken seriously? If you look at her words, she commits to nothing. Labour were in power in Harlow from the beginning of this project and have signed up to it. To start raising questions now is treating the electorate as complete fools. Hypocrisy of the highest order.

2021-06-29 11:00:47

Essex County Council is responsible for transport highways presumably East Herts, Epping and Herts do the same, these are all Conservative Councils. I understand Highways are not under the remit of Harlow district Council, however the Places for People collaboration set up to enable the whole Gilston estate development, roads etc did include Harlow Council. In other words a total failure to build back better by all, much to the advantage of the developers potential profit and at the cost of the wellbeing of Harlow and ecology of the area and the Stort Valley wildlife.

Michael Szpakowski
2021-06-29 13:15:49

Well said Kay Morrison. This represents a big step forward for all of us fighting these disgraceful proposals. I’m not a member of the Labour Party but I welcome Kay Morrison’s position on this. I’d be even more pleased if the Labour Group as a whole clearly adopted it too. I note the complete silence of the Tory candidate on this question and that the Tory party has recently been associated with efforts to loosen planning laws to the detriment of the green belt, hence the hammering they took in the Chesham and Amersham by election. All parties need to note that this proposal is *incredibly* unpopular. Over 4000 people have signed the petition in opposition and the last time I looked out of some 300 public comments/statements on the East Herts planning portal there was - ahem - *one* in favour. Please go to linktr.we/SaveOurStort for more info & to join the campaign.

Mr G vonHaartman
2021-06-29 13:22:42

It is absolutely flying in the face of the climate change problem. Developers dont care as long as they make their money, the same everywhere thoughout the world. It's now not later that we need to rethink they way the world is suffering through mankinds greed. Rather than building new roads and flyover and massive housing estates the time has come where we are dangerously approaching a no return factor on climate change, unless we all act now the future for mankind is not good in fact our children will be affected in their life time and their children could face mass extinction. We need to stop now not tomorrow.

2021-06-29 18:34:58

The late Cllr Danny Purton whose passing led to this by-election was a key "mover" of these proposals, as a Board Member of the Harlow and Gilston Town consortium. Both of the two political Parties support the proposals and have been guilty of ensuring that consultation with residents in Harlow has been as little as possible. The public exhibition held in the Harvey Centre just showed a drawing with a vague line on it where a road would be built. Harlow Council's Local Plan is the same, a vague line for a new road which appears to go straight through the travellers site at Elizabeth Way into the new estates adjacent to Katherines being proposed by Epping Forest DC. When asked, Harlow Council denied this. Any alternative would need commercial buildings to be demolished and the removal of large commercial greenhouses. The devil is in the detail and now that it is known, councillors and prospective councillors are throwing up their hands in mock surprise.

paul henderson
2021-06-29 22:18:05

Michael Szpakowski, you are being naive. Harlow Labour have been authors of this project since the outset. Morrison is just playing cheap, deceitful political games. she is a hardcore Momentum supporter. They only seek power for their perverse ideological agenda. The whole Stort issue deserves serious debate. These Momentum people seek only to deceive. Beware.

paul henderson
2021-06-30 17:39:05

This is a direct quote taken from Kay Morrison on the Harlow Labour Party website: “I am committed to holding the Tory-run Harlow Council to account; ensuring they carry on the fantastic achievements of the Labour-run council before they lost power in May. Harlow Labour were producing hundreds of sustainable Council housing..." I would be most grateful if this candidate can point out specifically where these "hundreds of sustainable Council houses" were to be built. Other than the development at Bushey Croft, which received a great many objections from local residents, and which has led to greatly increased traffic directly in front of a Infant & Junior school, I am aware of no other planned builds by the former Labour administration. Would be great to know where these planned sites were as there is not too much free space left in the town. Kay Morrison, I await your reply.

paul henderson
2021-07-01 16:10:15

Kay Morrison, I am still waiting for your reply regarding the "hundreds of sustainable Council housing...." Labour was producing. Are you sure that you are talking about Harlow or some other place? No sign of these houses in Harlow!!

2021-07-03 23:50:59

No points scoring from the red and blue corners here , Cllrs of both have taken their eyes off the ball and seriously Harlow down here, whilst the developers have driven a HGV coach and horses through the process running rings round Harlow politicians. Climate Change is real and it's what Labour and Conservative Cllrs do now to stop the bridge, get the whole development of the Gilston / Hunsdon estates re-evaluated & get the Harlow transport plan changed in the light of new information, that really matters. Remember Chesham and Amersham.

2021-07-11 15:57:53

Paul, the answer to your question to Kay actually lies in Harlow Council's Local Plan, adopted some months ago when Labour were in control. They are at .......... Lister House old site (at least 42), off Riddings Lane (35), Church site off Tawneys Road (35), Pollard Hatch 20, Coppice Hatch (16), Sherards House (15), Elm Hatch (13), Fishers Hatch (10), Nicholls Tower (10), Stewards Farm (10), Pypers Hatch (10), Slacksbury Hatch. This Plan not include the Bushey Croft (16), The Hill (2), and a site at Yorkes (20+). All sites Council owned, planned for period up to 2033.

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