Appeal after Church Langley family made homeless by fire

News / Wed 30th Jun 2021 at 09:12am

AN appeal has been set up for a Church Langley family made homeless by a house fire.

In the early hours of Friday 25th June, the Haynes family home in Bentley Drive, Church Langley, Harlow was engulfed by fire.

The family of five have now been left homeless and are being put up in a hotel.

Mark Haynes’ brother, Richard has now set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for the stricken family.


Richard said: ” Nearly everything they had has been ruined by fire, heat or smoke, upstairs too, including their clothes inside wardrobes etc.

Their weekend was spent trying to save anything worth salvaging, and family and neighbours helped, wash, pack and store the more fortunate items they were able to recover.

This fire was electrical, believed to be caused by a modern everyday, every home appliance, that is turned on at all times. This really is something that could happen to anyone.

Even though we never expect it to ‘happen to me’ we protect for such an event and so generally have insurance, as my brother does.

However, they are now learning that insurance will only stretch so far, and not cover everything.

This average and loved family have been flooded with kindness and donations of items and clothing that have been lost. 

They have been overwhelmed with offers of help, and are having to start turning down people’s generosity, due to storage, which is heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, at this time they do not have a permanent residence or even use of a kitchen and so don’t have enough space to store much of anything. They have already moved location 3 times in 5 days.

We know there are people out there that really want to help. But at present what they need the most are gifts of money. This would help them afford to feed themselves while they have no permanent residence. Unfortunately, the insurance barely covers the cost of a healthy family meal, when you don’t have use of a kitchen, let alone 3 meals a day for a family of 5.

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3 Comments for Appeal after Church Langley family made homeless by fire:

2021-06-30 12:01:32

Sorry for the peoples loss of items but go fund me is not a substitute for house insurance, We pay some £120 a year for contents and buildings, The content element is about £35.

2021-06-30 13:24:21

Jarrett. You are obviously missing the point here. The page hasn't been set up to substitute their house insurance. I just hope this doesn't happen to you one day. There are 3 young children who need stability, feeding and clothing. I don't even know the family but I have personally helped them and raised funds from neighbours so that they can purchase personal items. They have nothing and to me it is heartbreaking!

David H
2021-07-01 04:27:29

If you’d read the GoFundMe page you’d have noticed that the family does indeed have home insurance... Perhaps Jarrett you should be a little more considerate with your words next time.

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