V-log: YourHarlow, the River Stort Crossing and 37 and a half years at United Glass

Politics / Thu 1st Jul 2021 at 10:47am

ON Wednesday afternoon, our editor, Michael Casey went down to Pye Corner in Gilson to interview Neil Warner-Banks about the campaign regarding a road across the River Stort.

The interview will be coming up later.

As today is YourHarlow’s eighth birthday and history as well as heritage means a lot to Harlow-born Michael, he thought he would take two minutes to reflect upon those matters in the context of the River Crossing.

Way in the background are the chimneys of United Glass on Edinburgh Way. When it comes to history and heritage, they play a significant part in how Michael and indeed, YourHarlow with its credo of 1847-1947-2047 looks upon Harlow and the world.

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2 Comments for V-log: YourHarlow, the River Stort Crossing and 37 and a half years at United Glass:

2021-07-01 11:20:46

Congratulations Michael on your eighth birthday, we should all be grateful for the news service you are providing to the residents of Harlow, keep going for at least the next eight years. Without you, the proposals you are highlighting here would be unknown to most residents in the town. There is a big difference between what happened in the 19th century and 1947 and what is happening now. We now know what the human race is doing to our planet, we cannot go on doing what we have during the last 300 years. This obsession in growing the economy and ripping up what only a few decades ago was considered Green Belt has to stop. In the 19th Century there was a need for slum clearance and better sanitation. In 1947 is was all about providing mostly council homes for those bombed out of London. Now it is all about building homes at ever inflated prices, often poorly built and billions of pounds profit for property speculators. Few if any homes will be built for those most in need. If this road is built you can bet you bottom dollar that the next proposal will be to build warehouses and factories on the land adjacent to it and or even more new homes.

Michael Szpakowski
2021-07-01 18:04:25

Congrats Michael & keep on asking those questions!

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