Church Langley house extension bid to go before planning committee

General / Sat 3rd Jul 2021 at 09:10am

AN application for a house extension is on the agenda at the next meeting of the Harlow Council planning committee.

The application is on 18 Whieldon Grange, Church Langley.

The application is for a first-floor extension over the garage to provide an additional bedroom with an en suite behind. This would be 3 metres wide and 5.65 metres deep. The additional height resulting from the development would be 2.55 metres. The roof would have the same pitch and form as the existing garage roof and the house. The ridge would be set below the roof ridge of the house. There would be a large window at the front and a smaller one to serve the en suite at the rear. The application indicates that matching materials will be used.

Two objections from the local residents are received. Their objection reasons are summarised as follows:

Concern about construction vehicles parking; they cannot park on the pavement and parking on the road will make it tight for other traffic; would not expect any vehicles to park outside own home, concerned about construction dust and dirt as spend a lot of time in their garden; would not be very nice during summer if work carried out then; loss of privacy in garden from workers overlooking.

Difficulties with traffic using Whieldon Grange will be exacerbated, risk to children using slope in road for cycles, skateboards, etc; road is a pedestrian throughfare for Henry Moore Primary School, students using the bus, Kiddi Caru Nursery and Harlow Common and pavement parking causes walking in the road, builderspaid strict attention to the design of their houses and the layout of their development, houses with 4 bedrooms have two parking spaces plus a garage, cars parked in front of 18 restrict access to their own driveway; roofline will be above what was intended spoiling the builder’s original intentions; will be overbearing to no 17, likely loss of parking space during construction, blocking road and pavement during construction, difficulty leaving driveway during construction.

The full application can be accessed below.

The next meeting of the Harlow Council planning committee will be on Wednesday July 7th at 7.30pm.


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1 Comment for Church Langley house extension bid to go before planning committee:

2021-07-06 05:08:06

The extension would be on top of an already existing structure. As for the complainants arguing that workers can look into their garden, what did they expect when a worker is on higher ground? This is absurd to object - primarily, if the roof - for example - required repair, would they object then? Absolutely not. While not a requirement, it is still the homeowners right to plan. As for the time, what a stupid claim to make that because it’s summer it wouldn’t be good? When should the workers do the job? In winter when it’s too cold and the materials are likely over exposed? Or perhaps in spring when it’s not too warm or cold but also rains a lot? Sometimes I feel neighbours are the worst thing to have. It also doesn’t help with news sites publishing people’s desires to build on their own land for the world to see. Nosy people are the worst...

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