Harlow Catholic Church asks residents to write to MP over possible changes to abortion legislation

General / Sun 4th Jul 2021 at 12:55pm

REPRESENTATIVES of Holy Cross Catholic Church in Harlow have urged residents to write to Harlow MP Robert Halfon over possible changes to abortion times.

They posted the following message on their Twitter account:

“On Monday, the abortion lobby are going to attempt to introduce abortion up to birth to England and Wales via an amendment to the Police, Crime, etc Bill.

“Please take 30 seconds to email your MP now asking them to oppose this extreme change”

The abortion issue has, in the past, been a potent political topic in Harlow due to a sizeable Catholic community.

Former MP Stan Newens, believed the reduction in his majority in the 1979 General Election was due to controversies over changes to abortion legislation.

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2 Comments for Harlow Catholic Church asks residents to write to MP over possible changes to abortion legislation:

2021-07-04 17:22:46

It’s an individual person’s decision to terminate a pregnancy. It is not fair to preach or prevent such a difficult decision made by a person. As a mother myself, I know I wouldn’t terminate a week before full term, but I do get that emotions, stresses, circumstances and situations can change a persons mind. No one has the right, (not even god) should tell a person that it is wrong to terminate at any stage.

David Forman
2021-07-05 11:38:57

A woman's right to choose how and when she gives birth to a child or to choose to have an abortion is a fundamental human right. However, there should be some consensus on up to what point in a pregnancy an abortion should be allowed. I would prefer to see a legal limit short of full term and allow clinicians to use their discretion in cases where harm to the mother or child would occur.

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