Harlow man fined for destroying £8,000 worth of Christmas lights at Water Gardens

Crime / Mon 5th Jul 2021 at 02:29pm

A HARLOW man has pleaded guilty to destroying Christmas lights at the Water Gardens.

Michael Archer, aged 19, of Longfield, Harlow pled to the following at Chelmsford magistrates court.

On December 27th, 2019 at Harlow without lawful excuse, destroyed Christmas lights to the value of £8,172.00 belonging to The Water Gardens, Harlow intending to destroy or damage such property or being reckless as to whether such property would be destroyed or damaged.

Archer was fined £500.00 and has been required to undertake 100 hours of unpaid work in the next twelve months.

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11 Comments for Harlow man fined for destroying £8,000 worth of Christmas lights at Water Gardens:

2021-07-05 15:45:49

Why wasn’t he fined £8500 ?

2021-07-05 16:12:17

£500 Nowhere near enough. Should have to pay back the cost of replacing the lights.

Dave C
2021-07-05 17:24:34

You naughty boy, here is a slap on the wrist! - he should be made to pay for all of the damage, plus costs!

2021-07-05 17:28:15

Agree, we as tax payers will now have to pay it for that young twat, who for some reason to destroy the really good lights! Should be cost of lights plus £500 compensation to council and to be paid within 12months-in fact to take out of his salary if he has one (assuming not a lazy layabout) to ensure paid! So angry!!!!

2021-07-05 20:30:25

I remember hearing about this, the kid pulled off 1 light when he was drunk... 2 years ago - and no one could notice the difference! These things do love to exaggerate

Kaylean Neeve
2021-07-05 22:43:38

What is wrong with this statement surely he should pay for the replacement of the lights and a fine ontop this is a joke right?

2021-07-05 23:51:45

Got Away pretty lightly I think.

2021-07-06 04:38:57

Oh nick... the water gardens is not a governing body nor is it sourced or funded by the state. Your contribution to taxes (I suspect while minimal) will not go toward replacing the lights in this instance. I just hope you never made a mistake or a fool of yourself while drunk.

Pauline S
2021-07-06 10:01:43

His penalty is too small. Young drunks are both a plague and a menace to themselves and the general public.

2021-07-07 08:26:41

Karl, ya clearly not very responsible, never got drunk, never needed to go have fun out with friends, alcohol is no excuse for criminal damage, I’m sure you would be taking different if it had been on your property! You comment Is clearly in the minority!!!

2021-07-09 01:20:06

Nick, I didn’t say his behaviour was excused. I only pointed out that your initial comment complaining about taxes and how you pay them probably don’t come into this equation. And, if someone had damaged my property sober or drunk you can be sure I’d want compensation. You’re just joining the outage mob against a single individual who only broke one bulb. The whole chain busted as a result of a single light... you must remember the older crappy lights from the 90s? The damage could have happened any time, it is just unfortunate it happened to someone who was under the influence of alcohol. No surprise that the Harvey center of all places would use the worst type of lights money can buy. And I am 100% sure those lights were not 8,000 - the set he damaged was 95. The entire display was 8,000 - that cost takes into account the numerous other sets too, and the cost of putting them in place. This article is full of false information to demean and demonise one individual for a stupid mistake. Perhaps be a little more understanding and not seek blood for something that really isn’t that bad?

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