On the anniversary of 7/7 bombings: Remembering Old Harlow’s Anne Moffat

Crime / Wed 7th Jul 2021 at 08:25am

ON the sixteenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks in London where 52 people lost their lives, we remember Old Harlow resident, Anne Moffat, who went to work and never returned.

Fifty-two people, including Anne Moffat from Old Harlow, died when four suicide bombers detonated explosive devices aboard three London Underground trains and a London bus in a co-ordinated attack during the morning rush hour.

Anne Moffat’s colleagues at Girlguiding UK said she was “a truly special person who was talented, warm and gracious”.

As an 18-year-old, she joined the Girl Guides, as it was then known, and in later years rose to be its head of marketing and communications.

On 7 July 2005, Ms Moffat, 48, left her home in Old Harlow, Essex, and headed to her office in Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria.

She was standing very close to Shehzad Tanweer when he detonated his bomb and is not believed to have survived the initial blast.

Ms Moffat was born on Christmas Day 1956 in Lanark, and her brother Christopher told the 7 July inquest she had been “a very special Christmas gift”.

She studied art at college and began her career at the Girl Guides as a graphic designer – the first of many roles during her 20 years at the organisation.

A few days before the bombings, she had been at the Hampton Court Flower Show, promoting a new rose named in honour of the Brownies’ 90th birthday. 

Muriel Dunn, a former international manager at The Guide Association, said her loss was “a terrible tragedy”.

“I will always remember her quiet manner, her professionalism, her expertise in her work area and her charm and warmth when working with others.

“I am so glad I had the pleasure of knowing her.” 

Ms Moffat’s brother said she was “dedicated to professionalism at work” and spent many hours in the evening and at weekends at Guiding events.

Outside work, she loved architecture, sculpture and gardening, as well as socialising.

“She was a strong-minded and determined person, but had a close network of friends,” he told the inquest. “Everyone who ever knew Anne respected her qualities of honesty and integrity.”

In her handbag on the day she died was a booklet about the Make Poverty History campaign.

“This gives you an idea of Anne’s commitment to helping making a better future for others,” her brother said.

Mr Moffat added: “You never really appreciate the light emitted by a candle in a darkened room until the candle is extinguished. 

“This sums up Anne, as she shed so much light on so many other people’s lives.”

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2 Comments for On the anniversary of 7/7 bombings: Remembering Old Harlow’s Anne Moffat:

Jawad Sharief
2021-07-07 08:43:35

My condolences to anne moffat family wishing you health wealth and prosperity those bombers were cowards

Sharon Wall
2022-07-07 09:20:36

Remembering Anne today and often. She was a lovely neighbour.

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