Conservatives gain seat of Mark Hall in Harlow Council by-election

News / Thu 8th Jul 2021 at 10:42pm

THE CONSERVATIVES have gained the seat of Mark Hall in a by-election.

The by-election was called due to the death of Labour councillor Danny Purton.

The Conservatives will be pleased to have won another seat on Harlow Council.

However, Labour were in positive mood. After the Tory landslide in May 2021, they looked like they had closed the gap in just a matter of two months.

The Conservative majority of 56 tonight is in contrast to the 494 majority in May.

Green candidate Jamie Gilbert came a notable third with 86 votes.

Reaction to follow.


John Steer (Cons): 549

Kay Morrison (Labour): 493

Jamie Gilbert (Green): 86

Lesley Rideout (Lib Dems): 55

Majority: 56

Turnout: 22.22%


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13 Comments for Conservatives gain seat of Mark Hall in Harlow Council by-election:

David Forman
2021-07-08 22:49:01

Labour in Harlow have a long haul to win back the council. Maybe a bit less shouty and placard waving as Michael Casey recently observed and give identity politics a lower priority.

2021-07-09 02:50:48

I used to vote labour but not any more after being called an idiot by labour leaders for voting to leave the European union.

2021-07-09 03:56:08

How have the conservatives gained a seat that they won in may?

Paul Henderson
2021-07-09 03:59:38

Harlow Labour can take little joy from this. Just looking at their Twitter page, they campaigned relentlessly and threw everything into this by-election, in a Ward they have held for decades. They have no new ideas and do not represent to priorities of the people of this town. Three defeats on the trot for Morrison, the far left Momentum crony.

Yasmin Gregory
2021-07-09 04:38:38

Such a low turnout- it’s so disappointing.

2021-07-09 08:02:01

Note: A Majority for candidates who oppose the monstrous carbuncle of a bridge crossing across the Stort Valley. But what an abysmal turn out, obviously the public have lost faith in our democracy which after the fiasco at Westminster is hardly surprising.

Paul Henderson
2021-07-09 09:34:15

When you say ‘a majority of the candidates’, I hope you are not including Labour’s Morrison. This project has been on the table for years and was fully supported by the previous Labour administration. Any votes they obtained on the basis of opposition were obtained under false pretences.

2021-07-09 12:41:16

Brian you ARE an idiot for voting to leave the European Union. We need the army to prevent food shortages, just one of a hundred simultaneous disasters that were called Project Fear for the last five years.

Paul Henderson
2021-07-09 13:15:45

Martin, had we been in the EU we would never have got the vaccination programme implemented. What food shortages? Unshackled from Brussels, the U.K. Will flourish. Harlow was a very strong Leave constituency. Maybe you need your own standing on the idiocy scale.

2021-07-09 13:21:15

Yes turnout again disappointing. Why? - Largely because so many politicians do not keep their promises and lie time and time again, or just do little for the community. We need TRUSTWORTHY candidates (of any party) who continually work hard and respond to residents, like the example of Robert Halfon.

2021-07-09 14:59:55

Robert wasn't in this election!!! Paul, the roads project is Transport Essex and Herts Conservative Council: Grant Shapps Consevative Transport department being taken to Judicial Review for not sticking to Environment policies. Grant Shapps ex housing minister self confessed at Parliamentary Transport Select Committee that he couldn't move the industry out of the stone age , sticking with brick by brick instead of high tec green building. Take Gilston, how many Council houses? It's under East Herts Conservative control. Harlow tory and Labour Cllrs were suckered by the developers. And Kay did take the trouble to think and reflect and shift to question the Gilston estate Valley bridge crossing. No matter what party if they devastate the environment then they damage the and the planet.

2021-07-09 15:17:54

Martin well there you go ,you again call me an idiot for a democratic decision,labour will never get my vote again,shortages ? What shortages,you talk project fear my friend.

2021-07-10 08:41:38

Doesn't matter who is in charge blue Vs red Vs green all of them are incompetent. Voting participation is so low as so many people have no trust in anyone to get the job done. Just another dummy in the chair. We got way bigger problems that need fixing in the system but you all want to play tit for tat. A starting place for any poorly run organisation is top down review of the inefficiencies and processes which enable speed up of work being completed and more better use of tax payers money. No one is interested collectively as it's a institutional scandal and instead gives a hook like of vote me I'll build 5 new houses and the muppets follow.

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