Harlow Labour leader slams Tories for “re-writing history”

News / Sat 10th Jul 2021 at 03:45pm

THE LEADER of Harlow Labour leader slams the local Tories for “re-writing history”.

Councillor Chris Vince has told YH that he is not going to let them get away with “taking credit” for the work fo the previous Labour administration.

Cllr Vince said: “The new Harlow Conservative regime taking credit for the work of the previous Labour administration again.

Fortunately, the electorate of Harlow recognise that you can’t put together a plan to build council houses in 8 weeks and it is Harlow Labour who set the foundations for these council houses to be built by HTS. In fact if it was left in the hands of the Tories then HTS wouldn’t exist at all and £1.5m of profit they have made would go into the pockets of private shareholders opposed to being re-invested into our town.

With regards the Tory housing portfolio’s assertion that Harlow Labour lost money let me set the record straight. This is in reference to money we would get from the govt for right to buy receipts we would only get if we were able to match the money ourselves.

We all know the reality about the Tory Party’s views on council housing. It was their dreadful policies that mean we have a severe shortage of council houses in the first place.

It’s also their government who have overseen 60% cuts to local authority finances.

Once again it is Labour who are on your side and have brought about an ambitious plan of council house building.

Let’s not allow the Tories get away with re-writing history.

Chris Vince
Leader of Labour Group on Harlow district council

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12 Comments for Harlow Labour leader slams Tories for “re-writing history”:

Mike Stent
2021-07-10 16:44:05

As a matter of interest what was the £1.5m spent on ?

Paul Henderson
2021-07-10 17:47:29

The £1.5 m profit was generated over what period and based on what initial capital investment. Just mentioning ‘a profit’ is pretty meaningless unless it is reported in terms of a return on investment. Secondly, Labour goes on about building Council houses and their once again failed candidate, Kay Morrison recently stated that Harlow Labour were in the process of ‘building hundreds of sustainable Council houses’, but when asked failed to answer when and where these were to be built. Perhaps Chris Vince could kindly enlighten us. Harlow Labour’s track record on actually building Council houses during their 10 years in power was pretty abysmal. I await the reply.

2021-07-10 19:11:17

Paul, can we see the Conservative plan for hundreds of council houses in Harlow and explain why Conservative East Herts has what appear to be building zero Council Houses in Gilston first phase of 13000 homes? Why were Councils not allowed to use money from the Thatcher sales of Council homes to build more Council homes? Yey those who live in glass houses...

2021-07-10 19:23:27

Whilst decent housing is not regarded as a human right but as a commodity to generate profits to fill the pockets of private investors, greedy property developers and various dubious overseas companies then the problems associated with homes such as debt (includes mortgages) and poverty will continue: much to the shame of one of the richest countries in the world

Paul Henderson
2021-07-10 20:06:56

Novoman, tell where the land is to many more houses in Harlow whilst protecting green spaces. Intrigued to know. Harlow already has high density of population. As to your question regarding building council houses with the proceeds of sales, ask the former Labour administration; they received the proceeds of sales!

Paul Henderson
2021-07-10 20:08:48

If we attempted to write the achievements of the former Labour administration, we would struggle to fill the back of a postage stamp!

2021-07-11 08:24:31

Land to build Council houses: parts of New Hall, Church Langley, Gilden Way, parts of Kao Enterprise park, town centre, the sites where warehouses with lots of lorries but very limited low numbers of local jobs were built, Old Pearson's and Rugby Club sites, Gilston and Hunsdon estates, could easily have accommodated Council houses like those in Feasants Croft, built to a decent spec unlike the many rabbit hutches with no, or postage stamp gardens built by private developers

Pauline S
2021-07-11 11:18:19

I don't support any one particular political party - they all seem to have good and bad equally. Some rarely respond to residents, but those that do, need our support. We could not wish for a better MP who may boast being a hard worker but that is perfectly true although he is a Conservative and not perfect! We just need more truthful politicians in all the parties and Harlow would be better off.

paul henderson
2021-07-11 11:25:40

Novoman, most of the sites you mention are already developed. The Council has stated it has a full regeneration plan for the Town Centre. How can you build on the Rugby Club? It is used by large sections of the community for sports of all age groups and gender and those with disabilities. It is a wonderful institution in our town. It may have escaped your attention that Gilston and Hunsdon are not in Harlow and are in Hertfordshire. So you have come up with much have you?

2021-07-11 11:57:18

As a lifelong Conservative voter I believe the party is now dead, its now full of liars tied up in cronyism and lining their own pockets, using messaging services and personal email where messages can easily be deleted. The PPE scandal, creating COVID rules they all break, breaking ministerial rules - the list grows by the day. God knows why anyone votes for them. I can only think BNP supporters may have switched.

2021-07-11 12:04:28

Just to give some facts from history: 1) In 1980 the Conservative Government said that receipts from the Right to Buy Legislation could be used to build more Council homes but in reality other legislation meant that Councils could not spend this money and many like Harlow Council amassed huge sums (£50 million in Harlow's case). 2 The Labour Party in opposition from 1980 to 1997 said that if they came into power they would allow councils to build new homes with this money. However almost immediately after winning the 1997 national election they said that Council's would need to pay off their debt before spending money on new homes. This Harlow Council did, leaving them with no money to do so. Indeed across the whole country between 1997 and 2010 when Labour were in power less than 600 new council homes were built each year. 3 Bigger discounts were given to tenants buying their homes soon after the Conservatives came into power in 2010, when they said that for every council home sold another would be built. In fact what has happened is that 7 council homes are being sold for every new one built. That ends the history lesson. What we have now is that of the many thousands of homes that will be built in and around Harlow, about 500 will be owned (and could be built) by Harlow Council. A look at the Local Plan map will show where land has been identified in the town for these new homes. However this takes no account of the real housing need .......... homes for people who will never be able to afford to buy one, even if it is so called "affordable housing"

Daniel Long
2021-07-12 10:34:18

This is a bit rich coming from him, when it was his former leader and former councillor of Bush fair who took all the credit for my hard work when ibwas a UKIP Councillor of Bush fair from 2014 to 2018. His party dont deserve any credit. It is is party who increased the council tax 8 times in their nine years of being the administration party of Harlow, putting more financial pressure on the hard working families of Harlow.

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