New 20 mph speed limit introduced in Waterhouse Moor following long campaign by residents

News / Wed 14th Jul 2021 at 09:14am

A NEW 20 mph speed limit has been introduced in Waterhouse Moor following a long campaign from the local residents association.

The group campaigned vociferously for many years to see the speed limit reduced as the strip has commonly been used as a speed track. Many near misses have been witnessed and it was time to act.

The new Conservative Councillor for Bush Fair, Dan Swords, commended the residents following the installation saying: “The Waterhouse Moor Residents Association have done a remarkable job in campaigning for this new speed limit. I’m pleased that we were able to play a very small part in speeding up the introduction of the installation – which the group have been waiting on for far too long.

“I pay special tribute to every resident who played their part in securing this. The new speed limit will make Waterhouse Moor a safer place and we will now be working with the local police to ensure that this is properly enforced.”

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4 Comments for New 20 mph speed limit introduced in Waterhouse Moor following long campaign by residents:

2021-07-14 09:48:52

Just try and enforce it as we in Momples and Minchen road have had a 20mph limit for years yet 50mph or even 60mph are very common speeds and not once have police been available to enforce it! The buses even travel at 40mph down here so its great having a 20mph zone but how do you enforce it!

Christopher Paul Flateau
2021-07-14 14:00:25

We to have had a 20mph speed limit on Hodings Road for years and it is still used like a race track as are most roads in the town. Speed cameras would be a helpful addition for both residents and the council. Fine the speedsters and use the money to fix the potholes etc.

2021-07-14 15:05:03

They’ve also made it 20mph in Westfield. I always go slow round those bends and still many times a car whizzes round to slam on their brakes when they see me! People just need to slow down in residential streets! Let’s see if it works (not sure it will though)

kim burt
2021-07-15 14:52:14

Wished they would make it 20MPH along Tendering Road. Its so dangerous, they come flying down that road. I have seen so many near crashes . one day there will be a major crash!

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