Lloyds Pharmacy issue statement after suffering high levels of Covid-related absence

General / Fri 16th Jul 2021 at 09:08am

LLOYDS Pharmacy has issued a statement due to high levels of Covid-related absence.

Lloyds Pharmacy is based up on The Pinnacles in Harlow.

The statement on their website is as follows:

“We are currently experiencing high levels of COVID related absence. Please be assured that we are working hard to continue to get deliveries to our patients and we will contact you to book your delivery. To support us in this, we strongly request that you only contact us if your query is urgent.

With the current ongoing situation around Coronavirus (COVID-19) many patients and their families will have questions about their homecare service.

We are receiving a high volume of calls, so the call wait time may be long. Please review our FAQs for help with your enquiry.

Additionally the National Clinical Homecare Association, of which LPCH is a member of, have created a page on their website with helpful further information. The FAQs and responses will be updated daily as the situation develops. Please click here to access the information on the NCHA website.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you as Patients for your messages of support and thanks at this unusual time. Our teams are working really hard to ensure your care continues to be delivered to the highest standards possible. Your messages ofsupport and thanks have been really welcomed by our teams – thank you”.


Press Statement from Lloyds Pharmacy

Unfortunately, some of our LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare colleagues based in our support centre in Harlow have tested positive for COVID-19, and others have been directed to self-isolate by NHS Test & Trace.

We have been liaising closely with Public Health England on our response, and have offered PCR testing to all of our colleagues over a number of days, in partnership with the health authorities.

As a result of this colleague illness and self-isolation, our operation has been impacted, although it is now beginning to recover and we expect most of the affected colleagues to return next week. In the meantime, we have paused all new patient registrations to prioritise existing patients and ensure they continue to receive the medication and care they require.

We have been extremely diligent throughout the pandemic ensuring our colleagues have a safe environment to work in and that we comply fully with all the government guidelines regarding social distancing, good hygiene and mask wearing.

The safety of our colleagues and patients is our priority, and we wish our colleagues a full recovery.

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4 Comments for Lloyds Pharmacy issue statement after suffering high levels of Covid-related absence:

John Ammot
2021-07-17 06:49:16

Lloyds Pharmacy must be investigated as to their in house processes and procedures to protect their staff. It seems their main priority is their customers, rather than their staff. The pisition their in now could have been avoided if they had managed the risk better. Im sure they will be investigated by PHE especially as I understand that one pregnant employee ended up from Harlow hospital to Adenbrooks where they are fighting to save her and the baby.

Faye Windcot
2021-07-18 11:46:38

This company have been negligent towards staff through this whole epidemic , the bare minimum required by law was done to protect staff. Although the lack of protection has now come to light and many staff members are suffering , it will not change. As long as the business is still making money they will recruit more ‘numbers’ . If anyone has considered working here don’t - McDonald’s is hiring and will treat you better than this sorry excuse of a company.

2021-07-18 21:15:37

This is a toxic place to work. When my grandad passed I got told to take as much time as I need they then cancelled my “booking” due to time off. The staff were horrible very ‘he said she said’ would talk about you behind your back then be nice to your face this included managers. One of the girls got who was pregnant got told that her desk would not be hot desked only to find out it had been. They said they supported mental health but could not give a care in the world. I definitely would not recommend working at this joke of a “company”

2021-07-20 14:21:03

I have just been sacked after 6 years there. I worked my way up to manager and was thrown under the bus when they changed hands yet again, even though the majority of staff begged ne to be manager my home life suffered as did my mental health resulting in being signed off for months due to a mental breakdown... I have fought back through alot of wars to come back to the company out of loyalty and after my social media being hacked (police involved and crime refs given) I was sacked. I explained I had domestic violence involved to the point of restraining orders but I was sacked as i 'showed no remorse as my social media account still active' I was hacked and yet they cared not. Had more managers than you can count over a year... 25 staff left in a month... they have NO compassion at all.

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