Building in Harlow: Coming to a field near you, it is now!

News / Mon 19th Jul 2021 at 08:45am

FROM: The leader of the Harlow Alliance Party, Nicholas Taylor

AFTER some four years in the making, the Local Plan of Epping Forest District Council (EFDC) is now in its final stages.

The Planning Inspector tasked at looking at the Plan has made her comments and the Council has now invited its residents and interested parties to comment on these changes by 23 September.

Why is this of interest I might hear you ask? Well, with the agreement of Harlow District Council (HDC) this Plan proposes to allow the building of over 3000 homes to the East of Old Harlow, 1000 to the south (called Latton Priory) and over 3000 to the west of Sumners and Katherines, on what is effectively Harlow’s Green Belt.
Work on at least two of these sites is likely to start in 2023. During the following 10 years, new schools, shops and leisure facilities will be built to create new communities.

The key points The Harlow Alliance Party have made in response to this Plan are:

  • These homes are not in Harlow, despite in some cases being just over a hedge from homes in the town.. As a result residents in Harlow have not been consulted about these plans.
  • These homes are being built on what is effectively Harlow’s Green Belt. Despite this, decisions about the future of this land is being made by EFDC when they should be made by Councillors in Harlow.
  • All the New Homes Bonus, business rates and Council Tax will be paid to EFDC. They will reap the financial benefit from these new homes whilst Harlow Council will get nothing.
  • There will not be a single Council home built to address the real housing need in the area, those who will never be able to afford to buy a home.
  • Whatever steps are taken, there will be a huge increase in traffic on Harlow’s roads, such as Rye Hill Road, Paringdon Road and Southern Way. No account has been taken of the extra noise and pollution which will be experienced by residents living in Harlow although much was made of the effect the increase in pollution will have on Epping Forest.
  • New Planning Applications (called windfall sites) will mean that 3000 more homes will be built in Harlow than required by Government. Recent reduced estimates of the growth in household numbers and immigration into the UK in the coming decade show that the number of new homes needed is far lower that was thought even just a few years ago. EFDC have ignored this evidence. Quite simply, there is no need to build new homes on Harlow’s East, South and Western borders.
  • No account of these windfall sites has been taken into account by those providing public services such as school places and health services. This can only mean they will be stretched even further than they are now.
    None of our political representatives, whether Conservative or Labour objected to these plans whilst the Planning Inspector looked at the proposals. Only the Harlow Alliance Party did so and participated in the examination hearings that took place in 2019.
  • At HDC’s Full Council meeting on 15 July, Cllr Andrew Johnson launched a new initiative when he formally invited residents and others to give him their ideas for improving Harlow in the future
    You may care to ask him when and how HDC intends to explain to residents of the town the consequences of the
  • EFDC Local Plan on Harlow and share with him any concerns you may have by emailing him at [email protected]
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10 Comments for Building in Harlow: Coming to a field near you, it is now!:

C Maylow
2021-07-19 09:55:37

Money lining the pockets of those that are already lined!! Hmm Disgusting!!

Nicholas Taylor
2021-07-19 10:47:55

I would add to my article that Conservative Councillors pledged to stop the development adjacent to Sumners when campaigning before the recent local elections, less see if they stick to this pledge, bearing in mind Conservatives control EFDC.

2021-07-19 12:48:43

The birth rate for the UK is dropping, who are all these new houses for and all the development nation wide ?

2021-07-19 19:51:14

This is part of a pattern,eg Gilston. Harlow Cllrs have been asleep, or just plain suckerd by Conservative Essex, Herts, East Herts, and Epping Councils. We get the traffic, congestion, pollution, no affordable housing, and vastly increased pressure on schools. Epping and East Herts get the grants and tax receipts.

Neil Warner Baker
2021-07-20 06:53:30

This is shameful. Harlows Sovereignty is at stake here. Where is the consultation for Harlow residents? It was probably approved in Harlows Local plan that was endorsed in December 2020....but who saw that?? We were all locked up and worried about our very survival....

Nigel Montford
2021-07-20 08:58:13

You get what you vote for...

Kevin Rowley
2021-07-20 13:39:31

So all those new houses? I left Harlow 4 years ago after spending 50 plus years there., if I wanted to drive from the town centre to old Harlow at school time it would take over 30 minutes. Most main roads gridlocked at “ peak times ” train station, impossible in the morning and evening times. Add to that 7000 houses 10.000 cars it doesn’t bare thinking about!

2021-07-20 13:42:47

It’s just plain and simple greed!! We haven’t even a local paper to air our views anymore! If this happens the towns completely finished! This was a lovely town once! It’s mainly north London people who will buy these houses!!

Staff Reporter
2021-07-20 14:19:59

This is the local paper and you are airing your views. May not be on paper but has vastly more coverage than Harlow Star had. 5.6 million page views last year. Know what you mean though..MC

2021-12-27 13:55:23

I am deeply concerned about the potential for increased traffic on already extremely busy roads. I am extremely disappointed that green belt land will be built on. Harlow will become a less attractive place to live, there are already extensive new builds of thousands of homes, no need for more.

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