Letter to Editor: Residents speak out over Osler House

Health / Mon 19th Jul 2021 at 08:31am


AS one of the group of four that have been working on this project for the past three years, I am very disappointed that nobody approached us first as we would have been more than happy to give a complete update.

Instead the question was raised to people who have had very little or no involvement with us at all.

We have spent the last three years with support from Harlow Council to open Osler House as a self funding Health and Wellbeing Hub. A first in Essex and a flagship for Harlow to give the ex patients and surrounding community as much back as possible that was lost when the doctors surgery was so wrongly closed.

We are close now to achieving what we set out to do and in fact had it not been for the setbacks of the last eighteen months we would already be open but we still have to wait for the works to be carried out.

I know we have massive support for the Hub from the residents of Potter Street as we have been supported over the past three years from members of the council and other groups involved in the services we aim to provide.

Part of our remit for Osler is that it is open to all regardless of personal beliefs or political alliance.

After the despicable way the patients of Osler were treated, opening this Hub is the least we feel they deserve. 

We are quite happy to answer any questions and more than happy to receive any practical support that would benefit the Hub


Jane Chivrall    

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Colin Thorpe
2022-01-02 13:29:17

Hi Michael we are still working hard on the project can you contact me please

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