Covid-19: Over 400 cases in Harlow (and 22 in hospital)

General / Wed 21st Jul 2021 at 07:21am

WITH release from lockdown now passed, we have decided to bring back our daily Covid-19 report.

We are doing this because we want to give Harlow residents an accurate picture of where we are re Covid-19.

The report covers UK figures; Princess Alexandra Hospital figures; the Local Authority table which gives Harlow’s position out of 315 local authorities, as well as rate per thousand and the number of cases.

We have a dedicated Covid-19 channel which has over 1200 stories.



Princess Alexandra Hospital

There have been no further deaths registered at PAH in Harlow.

The number of deaths is now at 544.

There are a reported 22-patients in the hospital. This number appears to be steadily increasing.

There has been five deaths in July

There were no deaths in June.

There were two deaths in May.

There were two deaths in April.

There were nine deaths in March.

There were 38 deaths in February.

That compares with 170 deaths in January.

Back on January 4th, there was 204 Covid in patients in over ten wards.


Local Authority Table

The number of cases is at 407 over the seven days stretching from July 9th to July 15th. On Thursday it was at 328.

Harlow had been fluctuating between 4 and 20 from April 5th to the middle of June but the numbers are starting to rise again and rise sharply but many will stress the hospitalisation figure, which remains relatively low.

Harlow is now 101st of 315 local authorities.

This compares with the dark day of January 9th, when Harlow had 1327 cases and sat third out of 315 local authorities.


Harlow Figures

These figures are from new positives between July 9th and July 15th.

Harlow is now at 407.

Every area in Harlow is now registering cases.

Harlow has been divided into eleven areas of rough similar populations.

As you can see there are now 47 cases in Old Harlow and Newhall alone.



First Vaccinations:

Under 18: 206

18-24: 3861

25-29: 3622

30-34: 4833

35-39: 5303

40-44: 5260

45-49: 4,888

50-54: 5,495

55-59: 5,479

60-64: 4,678

65-69: 3,814

70-74: 3,288

75-79: 2,340

80+: 3,554

Total: 56,621

Second Vaccination:

Under-18: 68

18-24: 1080

25-29: 1368

30-34: 1885

35-39: 2265

40-44: 3631

45-49: 3928

50-54: 5,163

55-59: 5,241

60-64: 4,502

65-69: 3,713

70-74: 3,245

75-79: 2,315

80+: 3,500

Total: 41,904

Total: 98,525

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3 Comments for Covid-19: Over 400 cases in Harlow (and 22 in hospital):

2021-07-21 12:44:19

Is it possible to add those who have been vaccinated and those who haven't to patients in PAH. I think it's important to know this. Also the highest age group, otherwise figures do not mean much!!!

2021-07-25 09:47:42

What's happened to the daily reports of covid numbers in Harlow? It started of great then dropped off! Are you experiencing staff shortage due to covid-19? 🤔🤨

Staff Reporter
2021-07-25 10:00:13

Hello, Some of the charts aren't published every day, for example the one with local ward breakdowns and the local authority chart. As for staff shortage..hard to have that when there is just one of you but haven missed a day since we launched on July 1st 2013!

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