Poignant memorial unveiled in Harlow to remember Covid-19 victims

History / Fri 23rd Jul 2021 at 07:46am

A NEW memorial has been unveiled in Harlow to remember the victims of the pandemic reports ITV News.

The tribute was revealed to the public for the first time on Wednesday morning at Parndon Wood Cemetery. 

It was designed by Camilla Fitzjohn who won a competition run by cemeteries and crematoria company, Westerleigh Group.

The winning design featured a pair of hands holding a white globe, along with some doves flying off into the spirit world.

Photo courtesy of ITV News

Camilla said: “We all thought that a rainbow should be included and hands, because the washing of the hands, should be included because it’s symbolic of the pandemic. The white globe I thought represents the world and the light of the world,” Camilla said.

“I was very scared because I have a health problem and I thought I’d be dead by Christmas. But, thank god for all the wonderful people that came together to help each other and also for all the wonderful doctors who looked after everybody and came up with the vaccine. I’m really grateful.

“I just want to thank Westerleigh Group for having the competition because it gave me hope in a dark time.”

Westerleigh Group Chief Executive Office, Roger Mclaughlan added: “I hope that those people who have lost someone during the pandemic can come here and get some peace – that they can remember those people that they’ve loved and sadly lost.”

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