Veni Vidi Vici Vic? Latin to be taught in more state schools in bid to remove ‘elitist’ perception

Education: Secondary / Sun 1st Aug 2021 at 03:59pm

LATIN will be taught in more state schools as part of a new government scheme to end the “elitist” perception of the subject.

Classicist Mary Beard has hailed the move, which will see £4m in funding for the Latin Excellency Programme (LEP) before a review in 2026.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is known to be a proponent of Latin, having studied classics at Oxford.

The LEP will try to increase the number of pupils taking a GCSE in the language of the Roman Empire.

It will also include “visits to Roman heritage sites to give pupils a deeper understanding of classics, and life in the ancient world”.https://ff33957bf1dc25f925813d2e2d2dcfb5.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.htmlAdvertisement

Announcing the move, the Department for Education said it was following the model of the Mandarin Excellence Programme.

This scheme, launched in 2016, now involves 75 schools nationwide, and has more than 6,000 pupils heading towards fluency in the language. Another £16.4m has been committed to further the project.

Education Secretary Gavin Williams said: “We know Latin has a reputation as an elitist subject which is only reserved for the privileged few. But the subject can bring so many benefits to young people, so I want to put an end to that divide.

“There should be no difference in what pupils learn at state schools and independent schools, which is why we have a relentless focus on raising school standards and ensuring all pupils study a broad, ambitious curriculum.

“Latin can help pupils with learning modern foreign languages, and bring broader benefits to other subjects, including maths and English.”

Currently, Latin is only taught at 2.7% of state schools at a key stage three level.

This compares to 49% of independent schools.

The LEP will be led by a “centre of excellence”, which will work with as many as 40 schools to create resources for teachers and students from year seven to year 11.

Teaching will start next year.

Classics professor and broadcaster Mary Beard said: “I am absolutely delighted that the DfE will be supporting Latin in schools and helping more pupils to have the challenge and fun of learning about the ancient world.

“Latin is an extraordinarily enriching subject. It gives you direct access to some of the most inspirational literature in the western world (from Virgil’s great epic Aeneid to the historian Tacitus’ critique of the corruption of power and the subversive counter-culture of the poet Ovid).

“Studying classics opens up history to us – from early dramas, that 2,000 years on are still part of the theatrical repertoire, to some foundational philosophy, from democracy to empire, from powerful rulers to the enslaved.

“But it’s not just about the past. Studying the ancient world helps us look at ourselves, and our own problems, afresh and with clearer eyes.”

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12 Comments for Veni Vidi Vici Vic? Latin to be taught in more state schools in bid to remove ‘elitist’ perception:

2021-08-02 09:10:02

Donde fueres haz lo que vieres,

2021-08-02 12:34:05

Non quia impotens eras latine dictum sit

2021-08-02 12:37:14

Incidentally Ray the Latin translation of your spanish comment is Cum Romae morem Romanorum

2021-08-02 14:19:51

Tu satis recte Nick.... pero prefiero espanol jaja

2021-08-02 16:05:35

Hahahaha! Are you guys actually using google translate? SMH! Sooooo funny! As if you lot ‘ACTUALLY’ know Latin fluently?! ROFL.

2021-08-02 16:11:40

Wherever you are, do as you see…. That makes you an expert in Latin? Really?! Hahaha! Imperium… end. Of.

2021-08-02 16:19:25

Non quia impotens eras in subiecto quidem honored Ray

2021-08-02 16:23:04

Hi Haley, I was taught Latin in the early 70's, there is more than just learning the language it also gives you a grounding in history and to a degree geography as well as being the basis for many other languages including Ray's Spanish :-)

2021-08-02 16:29:05

Hi Haley Wherever you are, do as you see… is actually a translation from the Spanish, which in Latin translates roughly to When in Rome do as the romans do

2021-08-02 16:52:36

Whatever, who cares? The rest of the world have mandatory English so why can’t we brits continue to be absolute ignorant ass’s? Basic Latin you know, from the 70’s, but given that you both clearly used google translate to make yourselves look more lingual and intelligent. Astonishing. Clearly you are both “MP’s” and trying to gain a political point that this “Latin” language will now be mandated here. Give over.

2021-08-02 19:15:47

Lo siento haberte ofendido senora Haley, pero si puedo hablar con fluidez la lengua espanol. No soy inteligente aunque puedo hablar mier*o en dos idiomas.

2021-08-03 05:13:31

"mandatory" ... "mandated",,, The irony.

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