Robert Halfon MP steps up campaign for lower energy bills for Harlow residents

News / Fri 6th Aug 2021 at 08:59am

HARLOW’S MP, Robert Halfon, is stepping up his long-running campaign to cut the cost of living by reducing energy bills. Mr Halfon has raised this a number of times in Parliament both with questions to the Chancellor the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove, with the Prime Minister directly and also through Parliamentary motions.

Today, Mr Halfon has written to the Business Secretary and Chancellor pressing them on what further steps the Government will be taking to cut the cost of living by lowering energy bills.

Commenting, Mr Halfon said: “I have worked hard in Parliament for many years to cut the cost of living by lowering energy bills. I know many residents will be concerned about the news with regard to the energy price cap – which is something I campaigned passionately for. 

“I have today written to the Chancellor and Business Secretary to express my concerns about this news and to ask what further steps the Government will be taking to lower energy bills for hardworking Harlow residents. 

“I will continue to work hard to cut the cost of living with lower tax for lower earners, keeping fuel duty low and keeping energy costs down.”

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6 Comments for Robert Halfon MP steps up campaign for lower energy bills for Harlow residents:

Darren Franklin
2021-08-06 11:37:30

The worst thing to come out of the Thatcher era was privatisation of essential utilities (Electricity, gas and water). They now only care about profit and shareholders.

2021-08-06 11:54:19

It's all a scam once again the price is increased due to loss of forecasted income due to the global pandemic. Stop wasting your time of impossible goals and focus on community projects which are achievable. Absolutely clueless

2021-08-06 12:11:10

We should commend our MP on his efforts on our behalf. Of greater concern is how do we keep up with our energy demands...with 23 thousand homes being built around our border and the need to create maybe 50 or 60 thousand jobs complete with the erection of New businesses to house them...soon we will need our own Nuclear power station just keep the lights on...ohh ...And all those gadgets people leave on stand by mode...

Tony Edwards
2021-08-06 20:50:54

It would help if Robert Halfon would actively campaign to stop the £20 a week reduction in Universal Credit that comes into force at the end of September.. This is particularly true for Harlow where a substantial number of people in work are on such poor wages they also receive Universal credit.

2021-08-07 00:30:11

NeilB the best way to deal with energy demand is to lower the demand by forcing companies through legislation and requirement to build more energy efficient products. Encourage people to use less plastics, buy less electronics every changed they get and best of all - only buy what you need - and if possible, buy local. These are the ways to ensure a better future for the environment while cutting down the energy demand.

gary roberts
2021-08-07 06:46:03

More warm words from Mr. Halfon sadly. If he was serious in his concerns he would produce a parliamentary bill to abolish standing charges, remove VAT from energy bills and oppose the payment of high bonuses to CEO's of these greedy companies. Will Mr. Halfon do it? No sadly!

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