Essex Police launch Victims’ Feedback Panel

Crime / Sat 7th Aug 2021 at 06:28am

ESSEX Police have launched a Victims’ Feedback Panel.

A spokesperson said: “We would like to thank each and every person who has shared their experiences with us and provided feedback on how we can improve the support we provide.

We’re committed to delivering a dependable, supportive, high-quality service to victims of crime.

To improve and maintain this high standard, we recognise the importance of truly listening to victims, acting upon feedback they are comfortable sharing and informing them when their voice has made a difference.

To honour this and in line with the relaunched Victims’ Code, we are proud to have started a Victims’ Feedback Panel initiative, supported by our partners from commissioned victim support services.

Case studies included in each session will highlight areas where we need to focus our attention and improve, but will also be an opportunity for officers and staff to learn from colleagues who are recognised for the compassion and support they’ve shown to others.

They will be invaluable in helping us tailor and enhance the service we provide to each and every person we support and underscore the importance of valuing and respecting the perspective of victims from the very initial report, throughout an investigation, and up until the conclusion of a case.

The initiative launched earlier this year and the panel, the first of its kind in Essex, focussed on how we approach and support victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse.

Almost 100 officers and staff of all ranks across the force, whose roles require them to directly engage with victims of crime, attended the virtual session.

It included pre-recorded feedback from a victim of crime who bravely agreed to share their story with Essex Police colleagues to help us support other victims in future, feedback from victims presented through our partners across support services, and an in-depth Q&A session, which gave attendees the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for improvement and ask for advice from those with more experience.

The feedback provided will now be used to update training sessions for officers and staff, and will help us develop further victim-led initiatives.

Detective Superintendent Neil Pudney, Head of Investigations, Crime & Public Protection Command for Essex Police, who is leading the initiative, said:

“Not only is it important that we continue to improve as a force, it is crucial that we all understand and recognise the impact our words and actions can have on those we interact with.

“Victims are always, and should always, be at the forefront of what we do. Not only are we here to catch criminals, we should be a dependable source of support and information to all victims when they need us most.

“The testimonies and statements provided by these incredibly brave individuals are invaluable and direct us to areas where we can be proud of the service we’ve provided, but also highlights those areas where we need to improve.

“We hope that by listening to feedback and improving our service to victims, we can also build confidence and empower other victims of crime to come forward and engage with officers.

“I would like to sincerely thank each and every person that provided feedback, and all of the officers, staff and support service representatives who took part in the panel, for the invaluable contribution they’ve made, and continue to make, to support victims.

“I would encourage anyone who would like to provide feedback to please do so, either directly or through your local support service, as we will continue to use it to shape our approach and enhance the service we provide.”

To say thanks to an officer or member of staff, or to let us know of an area you’d like us to improve, you can visit our website at https://www.essex.police.uk/fo/feedback/tc/thanks-and-complaints/.

You can also read about your rights as a victim of crime and the minimum level of service you can expect to receive from criminal justice agencies, in the updated Victims’ Code https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-code-of-practice-for-victims-of-crime.

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