Over the border: Beware of car parking scams

Crime / Fri 13th Aug 2021 at 09:05am

A PARKING scam has been reported by motorists who parked in two Epping Forest District Council car parks this week.

Car parking scam

Drivers were approached by a man offering assistance with using the pay and display ticket machine. The suspect told the motorist to pay by card and then claimed the credit card had been captured by the machine. It is believed that in one of the incidents, a female accomplice distracted the motorists while the scammer made off with the card.

The two incidents have been reported to police.

Enforcement officers who work in our car parks all wear uniforms with an NSL logo on them and carry ID and equipment for issuing parking tickets.

What to do

We urge all EFDC car park users not to engage with anyone who offers to assist with paying for parking. If you are approached by someone, even if they have some form of ID, do not give them your card.

No parking attendant will ever ask you for your credit card to pay for parking. Call the Police immediately or ask someone for help you call the police or EFDC Customer Contact Centre on 01992 564000.

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2 Comments for Over the border: Beware of car parking scams:

David Hughes
2021-08-15 09:06:35

If people are mug enough to hand over their credit cards to a stranger, they deserve to be robbed.

Stupidly good
2021-09-01 19:29:27

David you seem to be the only one that comments on anything from this news source . If your interested in being part of our focus group angry people saying stupid stuff under news please contact us

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