Residents call for speed reduction on Elizabeth Way

General / Fri 13th Aug 2021 at 01:17pm

A HARLOW resident has started a petition calling for traffic calming measures on Elizabeth Way in Harlow.

The road runs from Harlow Town station to The Pinnacles.

At present, the speed limit is 50mph.

The petition was started by Maria Adolfo.

Maria said:

“Many vehicles do not respect the speed limit and drive much faster. There is a great number of heavy vehicles using the road which makes the use of the pedestrian path difficult and dangerous. Debris and rainwater can reach pedestrian users.

In addition, there is no adequate crossing to serve the residents of the area and with the increase of residential buildings the current speed limit is not only inadequate but also extremely dangerous.

The full petition can be found below.


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13 Comments for Residents call for speed reduction on Elizabeth Way:

Tony Durcan
2021-08-13 14:30:54

The local Labour councillors are out this weekend supporting this important petition. You have been warned

Adam Osen
2021-08-13 16:13:04

Tony, are you saying the speed limit is a bad idea?

James Humphreys
2021-08-13 19:00:04

With the new housing development maybe there is a case for it to be 40mph. However, if the problem is vehicles not sticking to the limit set, would any change make a difference? Also, where is there really to go that requires a pedestrian crossing the road, it’s not as if there are shops and again the housing development is right in the middle so you can clearly see before crossing. If there’s good reason for it, make it 40mph, but if you want to solve the problem, ask for speed cameras instead otherwise I’m not quite sure what the ask is.

Mark Gobell
2021-08-13 20:29:02

@ James Humphreys : "I’m not quite sure what the ask is." The train station is on the north side of Elizabeth Way. The majority of housing is south of Elizabeth Way. At a guess, "the ask" is for at least one safe place to cross to make use of the 5th Avenue / A414 pedestrian crossing to the station. There are playing fields at Ash Tree Field used for football, cricket & dog walkers etc., and pedestrian access to the River Stort is also safely required. The new residents at the former Ram Gorse sports ground will, at a guess, also require safe pedestrian access to the town centre, hospital & cycle track network. That's what the ask is ...

David Carter
2021-08-13 21:19:52

The Road has a 50 mph speed limit and is used by many heavy vehicles. Now we have new housing at the old rugby club site a reduction to 40 mph may be needed Keeping people safe is more important than fast driving

Tony Durcan
2021-08-14 07:55:32

The petition is about supporting the reduction in speed and finding a safe place to cross. From day one when we knew housing was going to be built on this site we have been asking Tory county council to reduce the speed,enforce the speed by cameras and provide safe places to cross to enable children to walk to the local schools. Every time we were told traffics would be reduced and they promised to increase the size of the central island. Told we have no evidence of accidents and serious injuries. I welcome and fully support this petition and will be out with the other Labour councillors Chris Vince and Jean Clark in raising this important issue again.

James Humphreys
2021-08-14 21:27:45

@Mark Gobell, I get the need for it to be 40mph but some of the asks are pushing it a bit in the response. There are 2 traffic light controlled crossings for the train station so I think that’s adequately covered. Football and certainly cricket don’t usually have people crossing the road with equipment, I’m willing to bet most drive there. I’m not against it being 40mph, I’m just not sure it’ll solve the issues raised in the petition…mainly speeding. Whether it is 40 or 50 you will get speeding so the asks in the petition don’t answer that, which I why I said the ask is unclear. There are too many variables. If you want it 40mph say why, and if you want speed cameras say why. Not spill out a load of reasons which actually there are multiple solutions to, which usually end up with none of them being picked as they contradict

Tony Durcan
2021-08-15 09:01:23

Whist you make some interesting points James I feel your missing the fundamental issue about the safety of families attempting to cross this road to get to school and the local shops. You reasoning is that they now have to walk further and cross 3 other roads that have crossing just to cross the original road. Putting signsup is not enough it’s not for the residents /parents to come up with solution it’s for Essex County council and the local Tory county councillors to have dealt with this at the time.we had asked for island in the middle section to be widen as you can’t stand safely with more than 2 adults and a child. This isn’t just about cars but larger vehicles and this will only get worse regardless of a Stort crossing.This is a real issue and we know parents are having to resort to driving rather than walking just on the basis of safety. It’s ridiculous and should have been planned out at the time.

2021-08-15 10:18:17

We cross everyday to walk in the bit countryside that is left to us. This road is horrendous, they speed up and down all day and all night when the boy racers come out to play. During the rush hour when the traffic stops in order to get onto the station roundabout drivers drive on tbe wrong side of the road on the outside of the centre island to get where they want quicker. Several cameras near the roundabout and half way down for long enough they will raise enough money in fines to maybe create a better crossing, or maybe it won't be needed if people keep getting caught they will slow down ?

Tony Durcan
2021-08-15 15:30:21

I was out with Chris Vince as the local councillors and everyone we have spoken to are fully behind the need to do something. We were promised an improvement to the islands in the middle of the road at least. So far nothing but silence from Tory county councillors. Will be out again next weekend collecting names on a petition. Real energy for organising a demo. Local democracy in action.

2021-08-16 10:01:07

My children have to cross this road to get to school. It's unsafe and dangerous due to cars and lorries travelling over the 50mph speed limit. The centre crossing points are narrow and unsafe to stand in when lorries are speeding past. A reduction in the speed limit is a start to making this road safe for pedestrians to cross.

2021-08-16 10:09:03

@james humphreys I live on the new development and trying to judge the speed of the vehicles coming towards you when crossing the road with children or when trying to pull out in a vehicle is extremely hard when oncoming cars are travelling in excess of 50mph. If the speed limit was lowered to 40mph at least we would stand half a chance for vehicles to actually be travelling between 40 and 50 and not to be travelling over 60mph which ALOT are.

James Humphreys
2021-08-17 09:55:12

@Jenny, I agree with you and I'm not against the road being made 40mph, the issue is it won't stop speeding as people will still do over 40mph and the ask needs to be clear. If that is the number one issue then 2 things need to be asked for 1) reduce the road to 40mph and 2) speed cameras. That's it. Not a long list of wants about people going to shops, playing sport, crossings etc. If you want the council to spend thousands on what ultimately benefits a few people then the case has to be made clearly, otherwise you'll get bogged down in arguments and surveys etc about all the other asks like how many people cross the road, what is the usage of the cricket club etc and it'll never happen or take years. If they are being super harsh they could say that the speed has always been 50mph and people must have known that before moving in to the new development. Playing politics and blaming Tories now for no road improvements or Labour who let it get planned and built is also completely useless right now...

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