Letter to Editor: Visions of the River Stort Valley crossing: Climate Change Code Red

Politics / Sat 14th Aug 2021 at 09:56am


WE are all acutely aware Climate Change is being driven by human activity that damages the environment and ecology and the release of carbon dioxide.

Construction of the bridge barrier crossing will have major and permanent changes with potentially devastating impacts on the Stort Valley and Harlow.

Plans submitted in the Planning Application by pfp and hggt say the embodied carbon footprint, the carbon dioxide released simply in building the bridge barrier crossing structure will be 19,512,252 kg CO² per Year. (near 20 million kg of CO2 each year).

This according to published by the European Environment Agency figures wrt new 2019 cars, is equivalent to 160 million km of car journeys per year, before a single car makes a single journey to add still more pollution.

There are other far less costly, greener and more efficient options hggt pfp, that includes Harlow and East Herts Councils are failing to even consider.

Harlow Council has even cancelled it’s August planning meeting and so Harlow and East Herts Councillors sail on blithely ignoring both the UK Climate Change Committee report published in June and the IPCC “Code Red” UN Climate report published on 9th August for policymakers that has hit the headlines in the last week. “Code Red” indicates that urgent and significant action is needed now: one would have thought that councils during August ahead of important planning meetings in September on the 8th and 15th of the month, would be reappraising all planning applications that affect the ecology and the environment as a top priority, already, it’s been obvious for many years that this has been coming.

Both the UK and UN Climate Change reports demonstrate that the planning process is broken and continues to fail us and the UK environment.

Whilst the uk continues to use old science, technology and Engineering in the way we build homes, infrastructure, SuDs, sewage systems and water treatment plants the environment will continue to be degraded, whilst it’s possible for rich developers to get Planning Permission before full assessments and plans are made to protect the environment and Councils are so far behind the curve (neither Essex or Herts County Councils have produced developed action plans and reports on Climate Change, Herts has a draft and Essex a Commission) the ecology, environment and both human health and that of the planet will suffer.

Just another bum note: There’s no assessments I can find that have been published about the impact of the new main sewer (1 or 2 metres in diameter?) being planned to run 4 or so miles, down the valley floodplain from HGGT to Rye Meads water treatment works nor of any plans generally from Thames or Three Valleys Water Companies to remove some of the most damaging pollutants that can end up in drinking water.

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4 Comments for Letter to Editor: Visions of the River Stort Valley crossing: Climate Change Code Red:

Andy Bray
2021-08-14 12:29:06

This destructive, ugly and unnecessary crossing is against climate science and common sense, it must be stopped.

2021-08-15 08:11:46

How much pollution is caused by traffic jams I wonder.

Kim Oconnor
2021-08-15 10:29:23

This monstrosity if allowed to go a head, will be destruction and vandalism of our beautiful river stort. This must be stopped.

2021-08-21 08:11:40

Update: plans that Thames Water are upgrading the treatment works at Rye Meads to remove some pollution, great for anyone living downstream on the Lee or the Thames, not so great for the whole length of the Stort where the pollution including oil, sewage, detergents and run off chemicals from industrial sites will continue to flow and contaminate the water and environment

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