GCSE stories of success from Mark Hall Academy

Education: Secondary / Mon 16th Aug 2021 at 12:57pm

STUDENTS collected their GCSE results from Mark Hall, in Harlow, after rising to the challenges of the pandemic to achieve their goals.

Despite lockdowns and remote learning, determined students still achieved highly at the school.

Among them was Daniel Farkas, who picked up six grade 9, one grade 8 and one grade 7 in his GCSEs.

He is looking forward to studying physics, chemistry and maths at sixth form.

He said: “I was pleased with my results. I worked really hard for them.

“Learning in lockdown was hard, especially in subjects such as art. But, I definitely felt like I could ask my teachers for help at any time.”

Emma Saunders achieved two grade 8, four grade 7, one grade 6 and one grade 5 in her GCSEs.

She is heading to college to take an early educator course on her pathway to becoming primary school teacher.

She said: “I was very happy with my results and proud of myself. I was expecting this kind of result as they are what I also got in my mock exams. This way, it feels like I deserve what I have got as this is what I got in my mocks, too. 

“It was a relief to not have to sit the main exams as we had not been in school for a long time, but there were still a lot of assessments which replaced the big exams, so the pressure was still there. Our teachers helped us as much as possible to prepare for our assessments.

“It is a bit scary now going on to something new, but I am excited to go on and be a bit more independent.

“Now I will be working towards my life goal.”

Ethan Rogers is looking forward to studying computer science, further maths and physics after picking up six grade 9, one grade 8 and one grade 7 in his GCSEs.

He said: “My target grades were grade 7, so I am pleased with what I got.

“I started to really pick up with revision during lockdown and that helped me quite a lot. It gave me something to focus on. Our online lessons were helpful, too, as the interactivity was good.

“The pandemic has been quite uncertain for us. The school has been good at supporting me with all the questions I have had during the pandemic. I am glad we all made it to the end.

“I am looking forward to now being able to further my knowledge. I would like to go on to university and to become a computer programmer.”

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4 Comments for GCSE stories of success from Mark Hall Academy:

2021-08-16 17:53:11

Great news for the students at Mark Hall Academy. Well done

Valerie Marzin
2021-08-25 12:33:15

Well done to all of our students!

Cathia Akin
2021-08-25 13:07:59

I am so please for our students. They worked so hard and definitely deserve the grades!

Victoria Monk
2022-07-31 18:37:33

Came across this article by chance a year late but super proud as I had the pleasure of teaching all three of these wonderful students at primary school. Very well deserved and destined for great things!!

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