Harlow’s Citizen’s Advice boss writes to MP Robert Halfon regarding Universal Credit

News / Mon 16th Aug 2021 at 08:39am

THE CHIEF Executive of Harlow’s Citizen’s Advice Bureau has written to Harlow MP Robert Halfon on the subject of universal credit.

Dear Robert,

I’m getting in touch on behalf of Citizens Advice Harlow to ask for your support to make the £20-a-week Universal Credit increase permanent for people in Harlow. As our local MP, we’re asking you to consider making representations to the Prime Minister to highlight the importance of the increase for families in our area, as well as communities across the country.

Our office has helped 901 people with Universal Credit during the pandemic, giving us unique insight into how the increase has supported your constituents. It’s already a lifeline to 11,422 people in Harlow. And ending it would be a £1,000 pay cut for low paid workers, with around 40% of local claimants already in employment.

Making the increase permanent is a quick and targeted way to direct support our local communities as we recover from the pandemic. In our constituency alone, the increase represents £10,020 in potential spending. Our research shows it also helps address regional disparities. The rate of people claiming Universal Credit is higher in areas prioritised for ‘levelling up’ investment.

We will be sharing a personalised briefing with you later in the summer to highlight more about the importance of the increase in this constituency. As always, very happy to talk this through with you.

Best wishes

Ayub Khan
Chief Executive Officer

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2 Comments for Harlow’s Citizen’s Advice boss writes to MP Robert Halfon regarding Universal Credit:

Mark Hepner
2021-08-16 09:23:59

The idea of reversing the 20% increase in U/C is just misguided austerity and many will suffer if it goes ahead. I totally support the head of Harlow CAB in his comments, having worked at a Foodbank distribution centre in Hackney for 6 years.

Shirley Ripley
2021-08-17 07:33:08

What about asking how someone on universal credit can move if they privately rent? No landlords will take you. It's a shambles

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