Enfield Council defends decision to continue housing over a hundred residents in Harlow

General / Tue 17th Aug 2021 at 07:45am

ENFIELD Council has explained why it still has over 100 of its residents housed in Harlow.

An Enfield Council spokesperson said: “We always try to place households within Enfield where we can and try to reduce the number of residents housed outside of the borough where possible.

“Greenway House is owned by our housing company and we continue to use this accommodation. We have followed through on our commitment not to purchase any further properties outside of the borough. We committed to decant residents from Redstone House in Harlow and we kept that promise.

“It is not always possible to house residents in Enfield because of the scale of the current housing crisis. But we try to minimise the disruption to residents by placing within London as the next best solution when we cannot find suitable accommodation in the borough.”

Their statement follows a number of press releases in 2019 where they shared a platform with the then leader of Harlow Council regarding placements in permitted developments.

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2 Comments for Enfield Council defends decision to continue housing over a hundred residents in Harlow:

Tony Edwards
2021-08-17 19:27:59

This statement by Enfield makes no sense as Harlow is not “within London”. Whilst I fully sympathise with Enfield as due to a lack of a coherent Government housing policy and funding insufficient homes have been built, continuing to place their residents in Harlow is simply not an acceptable solution. Not for the residents placed in this “temporary accommodation” away from the area they know onto a business estate on the outskirts of Harlow with poor transport links, or for the Town who I understand receive no additional funding to meet these “temporary residents” health and educational needs.

2021-08-18 06:51:15

If people think the housing crisis is bad now wait until the thousands of Afghans start arriving here.

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