Harvey Centre launches new initiative to help end periods poverty

Entertainment / Tue 17th Aug 2021 at 09:25am

THE Harvey Centre in Harlow has launched an initiative in a bid to help to end period poverty and the stigma around periods.

The shopping centre is urging anyone in need to head to Phoenix Resource Centre (during the store’s opening hours), where they’ll be able to pick up a free envelope that contains sanitary products.

Simply ask at the till for a ‘HARVEY PACK’. No questions will be asked.

Bryan Young, Centre Manager, The Harvey Centre says‘’As a community shopping centre, we want to do our bit to support people in need, and so we hope this little step will make a big difference in our local area.’’

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1 Comment for Harvey Centre launches new initiative to help end periods poverty:

Sarah hewitt
2021-08-19 04:40:45

There is no stigma around periods... it’s a widely known and well documented occurrence in a woman’s body that happens once every four weeks or so. There is also no “period poverty” nobody is so poor that they cannot afford a pack of tampons - which only cost about 2 quid at best... moreover, those women out there who often complain and cry about the cost of sanitary products will often prioritise their smartphone plan, boozy nights out and smoking habits before they’ll consider the essentials?!... and before any women out there start screaming out at me, men have their share of things to pay out for - condoms are free, for sure - but they benefit both parties involved in the sideways shuffle. It’s absurd that in a country that has an economy as strong as it does - that there are people who live lives of luxury but still claim to be part of the downtrodden few...

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