Chicken Run: Food industry supply chain chaos result of Brexit, British poultry association says

Business / Thu 19th Aug 2021 at 10:12am

THE boss of Britain’s poultry industry body has called on the government to fast track workers as the sector faces severe disruptions that have forced restaurants including Nando’s and KFC to adjust or cancel their service reports Sky News.

Richard Griffiths, chief executive of the British Poultry Council, also blamed worker shortages following Brexit for the issues the industry is currently facing.

Sky News understands that the group has contacted the Home Office about the issue, but has yet to receive a response.

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6 Comments for Chicken Run: Food industry supply chain chaos result of Brexit, British poultry association says:

2021-08-19 10:27:38

It is fast food which I am sure is not healthy full of grease, not the best ingredients. Sure people will survive.

Andrew Bray
2021-08-19 10:33:52

Brexit, the gift that just keeps on giving.

2021-08-19 13:18:31

Poultry wages, poultry product. What are remainers going to eat now!

Kilroy J.
2021-08-20 04:32:38

Ray, was you forced to drink the koolaid or did you drink it willingly? I ask because despite the fact leave lied so many times, and it is documented as such - along with evidence that Brexit has been and will continue to be - a failure - you, seem to believe otherwise? Or are you just a big blind faither?

2021-08-20 07:20:34

I do not understand you initial sentence. Your second is based on a false premise. We have been robbed for years. We , in my opinion , all need a little faith in our lives, no?

Kilroy J.
2021-08-23 10:52:09

Ray - it’s a reference to the jonestown massacre that happened. Also, no - leave did indeed lie - it was well documented and known about during and since. If you’re incapable of seeing that, then perhaps you need better glasses - I’m thinking 10x optics ought to do the trick.

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