Stuart Lubbock murder investigation: Man released without charge

Crime / Thu 19th Aug 2021 at 03:30pm

A MAN, arrested earlier this year on suspicion of the murder and indecent assault of Stuart Lubbock, has today been released without charge.

Essex Police, working in conjunction with the Crown Prosecution Service, and taking into account the expert legal advice received and all of the evidence gathered both previously and since the recent arrest, has decided there is insufficient evidence to reach the level where there is a realistic chance of a successful prosecution.

Therefore, the individual arrested in March this year has been released without further action.

Essex Police’s Senior Investigating Officer, DCI Stephen Jennings, said: “We have worked tirelessly to secure justice for Stuart, for his devoted father Terry and for the whole family. This news is a huge personal disappointment to all of the detectives involved in this case. We have explored all possible lines of enquiry and sometimes, regrettably, the evidence is not yet there to issue charges. I know that this may of little comfort to Stuart’s father and his family.

At every stage, it is the Lubbock family and our search for justice for them that dominates our thoughts and our actions. We have tried our best. We will continue to try our best.

“For the last 20-years, as we have continually stated that two things have remained consistent: one is the commitment of Essex Police to deliver justice for Stuart and his father Terry; the second is that we believe of those present on the night Stuart died, someone at the house was responsible and someone knows what happened.

“Our investigation into Stuart’s death has never closed and over the years we have repeatedly taken all opportunities to pursue new lines of inquiry. Doing nothing has never been an option and will never be an option.

When we were approached to be part of the Channel 4 documentary exploring this case, we saw a further opportunity to bring the case to the fore once more. I was appointed as the new Senior Investigating Officer in 2018 and, when the programme aired, for the first time in the case’s 20-year history we also took the opportunity to launch a £20,000 reward with Crimestoppers – this was later doubled to £40,000. The appeal generated fresh information, all of which our detectives reviewed and acted upon.

“I will repeat: we believe someone, or some people, at that party know what happened.

“Essex Police has never given up on this case. All we want is to deliver justice for Mr Lubbock and his family.

“We have never given up on finding out exactly what happened to Stuart. This case, like all of our unsolved crimes, will remain open and we will continue to pursue any reasonable lines of inquiry.

“It is no secret that Stuart’s father Terry is suffering extremely ill-health and his wish is to know that justice will be done. If you have information, now is the time to come forward with any information if you haven’t done so already, to help us finally deliver justice for Stuart and his father Terry.”

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2 Comments for Stuart Lubbock murder investigation: Man released without charge:

Dave Smith
2021-08-19 19:47:45

Quite clear after all of these years and the previous failings the killer(s) will never be found.

Inspector Clouseau
2021-08-20 18:17:04

It is clear the killer was one of those at the 'party' and at least one other person at the 'party' either saw or knows what happened. It is ridiculous that our law is preventing the culprit(s) being identified and charged! Put all those present under pressure until somebody squeals!

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