Church leaders say: Afghan Refugees welcome

Charity / Fri 20th Aug 2021 at 10:22am

A STATEMENT from Bishop Guli and the Diocesan Refugee Coordinator, the Revd Canon Gareth Jones:

Since 2015 the Diocese of Chelmsford has resettled almost 200 refugees through our resettlement program. Most have been families fleeing the Syrian conflict, but a number have been Afghan interpreters and their families fleeing the Taliban.

As pictures of the catastrophic impact of the crisis in Afghanistan fill our TV screens, the human cost in lives devastated seems too much to comprehend, and many of us are left wondering what we can do to help in the face of such great tragedy.

As a diocese committed to serving Christ in the downtrodden, persecuted and oppressed, and to witnessing to the transforming presence of Christ in the midst of the seemingly impossible, we continue to stand ready to do all that we can to serve and support refugees in our parishes across East London and Essex, and those communities seeking to walk alongside displaced people.

Our Refugee Engagement Team is ready and resourced to support parishes in welcoming and supporting Afghan refugees over the coming months and years, and to building on the life changing work already done since 2015.

As the Government program for Afghan resettlement becomes clearer over the coming weeks, our own diocesan program will be widened and reshaped to work alongside partners in providing the care, love and support to which the gospel calls us.

For further information, support and advice please contact Fr Gareth Jones on [email protected] / 020 8478 0546

Please join us in praying for the people of Afghanistan, together with all those engaged in efforts to bring peace, security and support for those in need.

The Rt Revd Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani, Bishop of Chelmsford The Revd Canon Gareth Jones, Diocesan Refugee Coordinator

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3 Comments for Church leaders say: Afghan Refugees welcome:

2021-08-20 22:14:09

Looking at the images of desperate people in Afghanistan and knowing what responsibility the west has historically had in creating this situation, we should simply take all those who wish to leave and "process " and resettle them once out of that country. Just roll in the plans and get people out fast.

Paul Henderson
2021-08-21 17:29:13

In the past many crises of Afghanistan, e.g. during the 1980s Soviet occupation, millions fled to neighbouring Iran and Pakistan. It makes much more sense for Muslims to remain in Muslim countries than to come to the West where our culture is entirely different. Also, they will be closer to return, which is also more practical. The West can provide humanitarian aid to help the host countries. Rich Muslim countries such as Saudi and the Gulf states should also offer to help.

2021-08-22 06:22:15

Read that as “church Langley “ welcomes Afghan refugees! Perhaps with all them new houses going up in the village some family’s could be regimes there!

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