Concerns for welfare of missing Harlow man

Crime / Fri 20th Aug 2021 at 02:38pm

ESSEX Police are asking for your help to find Tony Caller who is missing from his home in Harlow.

Tony, 44, pictured, was last seen at 10.30am on Sunday 15 August.

Tony also has links to Cambridge and Manchester.

He is about 5ft 9ins and has short, black hair.

Both his family and officers are concerned for his welfare and would like to locate him as soon as possible.

If you see Tony, or you know where he is, please call on 101 immediately.

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4 Comments for Concerns for welfare of missing Harlow man:

2021-08-20 14:56:31

Since when has being "missing" been a crime?

2021-08-21 06:12:16

Dj full of sympathy then , maybe just maybe, people are worried ,and this is the best means of helping to locate him.

2021-08-23 06:07:02

DJ. We will remember that then the next time a child goes missing. Or perhaps when an elderly person with dementia wanders off. And when someone asks where is “so and so”, we will reply - “ah, don’t worry mate! Some bloke on YourHarlow asked since when is being missing a crime?” Stupid thing to say. There are people who go missing, and it’s often out of character - and in which case, it begs the question - has something untoward happened to this individual? If not, why have they not reached out to confirm their safety and whereabouts. People don’t vanish without a reason, whatever you may think - it’s often not normal behaviour...

2021-08-25 18:44:04

I'm not saying that appeals for the whereabouts of missing or vulnerable persons should not be published, in fact I think that they should be made even more visable to as many people as possible, just not under the heading of CRIME. Anyone who is feeling frightened or confused is even less likely to come forward if they think they are being treated as if they are a criminal. It just seems a little insensitive to me . Publish the appeal under the heading APPEAL. It's not complicated is it?

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