Chief Constable commends Harlow detective for dedication in pursuing justice for victim of violent road rage attack

Crime / Thu 26th Aug 2021 at 04:27pm

HARLOW detective constable Steve Baker was commended by Essex Police Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington for his hard work and dedication in bringing the man responsible for a violent road rage attack to justice.

With the recent easing of Coronavirus regulations, Mr Harrington has been able to recommence his recognition of our officers and staff for exceptional service. A Chief Constable’s Commendation is one of the highest honours Mr Harrington can bestow.

Steve was commended for his dedication and professionalism during the investigation into the attack in Epping in which the victim was stabbed 15 times in his head, neck, back and face and left with life-changing injuries. The 37-year-old man’s wife and children were travelling in a car behind him and witnessed the attack, which nearly killed him.

Steve was at Loughton CID at the time. He worked tirelessly with the Crown Prosecution Service to present a strong court case. Following a nine-day trial, the offender, who had taken exception to being beeped at after he had closely overtaken the victim in his car, was found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to 16 years imprisonment, with another five years on licence.

Steve says: “The victim was an innocent man driving home after a football match and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone overtook him a bit too closely and so he beeped his horn. The driver stopped his car, got out and stabbed the victim 15 times. The driver showed no remorse, even though his victim nearly died.

“It was an interesting case although a hard one to investigate but I felt a personal responsibility to get justice for the victim.”

Mr Harrington says: “Steve did a tremendous job with his investigation which, thankfully, has resulted in a nasty individual being taken off our streets for a long time.

“Every day, I ask our officers and staff to help people, keep them safe and catch criminals and this is a fantastic example of one of our detectives doing just that. It was a difficult job and the victim’s injuries were horrific so it is right to recognise the hard work and dedication which Steve put in to ensure the man who caused them was jailed.”

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2021-08-27 14:07:02

Bloody good job Steve, best place for idiots like that, I’ve been in similar situation with baby and toddler in back of car - keep up the good work getting this grime off the streets!

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