Letter to Editor: The Grand Canyon of Rivermill

News / Fri 27th Aug 2021 at 09:06am

THE leader of the Harlow Labour Group, who is also a councillor for Little Parndon and Hare Street is having a particular battle with Tory-run Essex County Council over potholes and one rather large one in particular.

Cllr Vince said: Before the pandemic put pay to face to face council meetings, Cllr Tony Edwards made Harlow District councillors aware of the issues with this reporting system. 

You cannot report a problem more than once, fair enough you might say, but equally you can’t update an issue if it has got worse.  

Another Rivermill resident informed me they had seen a highways worker inspecting the chasm just after Christmas. 

I was excited until I was informed that the worker decided it wasn’t big enough to warrant immediate attention. 

Another trip to the garage to have another tyre replaced makes me beg to differ.

I suppose that much of my frustration comes from my recent visit to the Cotswolds where time and again I was presented with near perfect roads.  How are Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire county councils able to get it so right and Essex get it so wrong?

Now at this point I will use the usually caveat that I know that Little Parndon isn’t the only area of Harlow with potholes, far from it, as a colleague of mine pointed out the ongoing issues in her estate in Mark Hall.  I also recognise that potholes are not the only issues that affect the aesthetic nature of our town, although they are the ones that are discussed most on the doorstep.

Publicly I urge Essex to attend to this monstrosity, which is not the only one in Rivermill by the way, and many more like it as soon as possible, before someone seriously damages their car or worse still someone trips while crossing the road.  We want to take pride in our town but it’s hard to do that when in some areas there is more hole than road!

Cllr Chris Vince

Little Parndon & Hare Street Councillor

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4 Comments for Letter to Editor: The Grand Canyon of Rivermill:

Michael Hardware
2021-08-29 17:19:14

I presume you have contacted your county councillor so they can take the matter up on your behalf? I had this problem with your predecessor who refused to use the proper system for reporting these issues, so they never got escalated until after he had gone to the media: more interested in making political mileage than actually sorting them out!

Bell end
2021-08-31 20:14:32

Dear Harlow council. Fix what is yours to fix. Now. Stop raising prices for everything else and actually get off your backsides and do your bloody jobs you bell ends.

2021-09-02 09:51:57

Dear Michael, this jobsworth blinkered attitude is the same mindset that had you bleating to Kathryns residents that the council didn't spot the monster warehouse that's blighting their lives or the failures of Harlow Council to recognise the significance of discharge of raw sewage into the environment when parts of Harlow were flooded or the crazy schemes to drive 70 % more traffic in through Gilden Way or to support the superfluous and highly damaging Eastern bridge barrier raised road crossing through Stort Valley. Your in charge of re generating not degenerating, if the right bit of paper form filling isnt filled in then it can't be done, ridiculous. Open your eyes. Essex County Council lost the plot when the A414 was converted into dual carriageway and have wasted around £600,000,000 repeating the same pinch point myopic strategy ever since. Potholes, flooding, pollution and congestion are symptomatic of a failing system and very old entrenched thinking amongst politicians. If any Cllr drives through the town and sees the roads falling apart then act to represent the best interests of the residents, that's why you were elected not to pass the buck because the "right " procedures and forms weren't filled in.

David Evans
2021-09-03 21:20:28

Bravo novoman

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