NHS trusts told to describe building work on existing sites as ‘new hospitals’

News / Fri 27th Aug 2021 at 01:54pm

HOSPITALS have been ordered by the government to describe newly built units and major refurbishments of existing NHS buildings as “new hospitals” reports The Independent.

A communications “playbook” for the government’s new hospitals programme makes clear what ministers would define as a new hospital, and also encourages NHS trusts to press home the pledge to build the new hospitals by the end of the decade.

The understanding in Harlow is that there is a plan for a new hospital, preferably, out by the new junction 7a of the M11 however there are also a number of planning applications in relation to the existing Princess Alexandra Hospital site on Hamstel Road.

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3 Comments for NHS trusts told to describe building work on existing sites as ‘new hospitals’:

Julia Long
2021-08-27 16:02:42

The Princess Alexandra hospital at present is not big enough for the areas it covers, they’re taking away parking places to put up new buildings. There isn’t enough disabled parking spaces or normal parking spaces as is, if they take away any more where are we supposed to park! The hospital is like a maze with departments/clinics moving and patients are not being advised of this. We was promised a new hospital, when are we going to get it? Adding buildings to the existing hospital is NOT A NEW HOSPITAL.

gary roberts
2021-08-27 19:12:27

Is this just another attempt by the Conservative government to deceive the residents' of Harlow? Will the residents of this town fall for it? I expect so, given that the "note in the Treasury" nonsense worked in 2019. If you voted for this mendacious government, then expect more of the nonsense to appear about a new hospital in this town without any form of credibilty behind it. In addition expect further services to be run down or cut completely. Foodbank use will triple if the current level of Universal Credit is cut back in October or November and with that destitution, poverty and unemployment will touch Thatcher levels. Am I over pessimistic and wrong? I could be but recent claims on police numbers is just another example of deceit by this government.

Tony Durcan
2021-08-28 10:02:57

At least over the last 3 general elections our Tory MP has assured us he will build us a new hospital. Even this year prior to the local elections the Local Tory councillors made a clear statement that they would build the new hospital. The current leader of the council and the cabinet member for regeneration has completely reassured us they will be actually building the new hospital. Both were spotted at one of the local DIY stores so we’re guessing they are stocking up with buckets and spades to commence work. They have made a promise that they will recruit more police and invite more international nurses to join PAH. Any day now the plans for the worlds best cycle tracks in Harlow will be announced we suspect/hope. A brand new town centre is being built and being delivered very soon. They are building more council homes. They will cut our local taxes. Have confidence these were clear promises made just before each election. Just saying.

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