Concerns over fly-tipping fire hazard on edge of Netteswell Hall in Harlow Town Park

General / Sun 29th Aug 2021 at 10:04am

RESIDENTS have expressed concerns over the amount of rubbish that appears to be dumped in Harlow Town Park.

The rubbish is within the grounds of Netteswell Hall, between Park Lane and Netteswell Orchard.

It is all on private property but there is evidence that some has already been set fire to.

Residents are concerned that there may be further fires. They have also made comment at how unsightly it is.

In April, planning permission was given for twenty new homes there (see story below).

Harlow Council has indicated (on social media) that they will look into it.

YH has made contact with one of the directors of Netteswell Hall but they have yet to reply.

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4 Comments for Concerns over fly-tipping fire hazard on edge of Netteswell Hall in Harlow Town Park:

2021-08-29 10:08:45

Despicable behaviour. I call them "The Others".

2021-08-29 16:57:08

There often rubbish dump at part lane to

Robert Mcmahon
2021-08-29 19:11:33

Don't expect the Council be too quick off the mark to investigate the fire and clean up. They do not like problems Council took 4yrs to repair the fence and another two to clean the fly tipping up when a neighbour threw a burning BBq over the fence. Burned down the fence and trees.

Concerned Citizen
2021-08-30 23:12:28

Robert read the article. Why would the council clean up rubbish on private property?. This belongs to Mr Mo Ghadmi perhaps he needs to secure the site and put up some better fencing.

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