Letter to Editor: We’ve bin let down again!

Politics / Fri 3rd Sep 2021 at 01:16pm

Dear Sir,

IMMEDIATELY following their election in May, the Tories wheeled out Councillor Alistair Gunn to promise that resolving the bin collection problems was his top priority.

In early August you reported that Cllr Gunn and Harlow Council Leader Cllr Andrew Johnson had met with bosses at Veolia and demanded a resolution to the matter.

But here we are with yet another month passed and yet more failed collections. 

Time was when after a Bank Holiday there was a delay of a day for bin collections. My usual collection day is Tuesday, it’s now Friday and I can still see the serried ranks of unemptied bins standing like forlorn sentries at the roadside.

This promise has clearly been broken and, like so many others from the Tories, dumped in the bin to await its trip to the landfill site.

I suspect it will have a long wait!

James Griggs



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6 Comments for Letter to Editor: We’ve bin let down again!:

Tony Durcan
2021-09-03 17:58:27

Sad to report that many areas are reporting delays in this basic but essential service. We were told they didn’t have enough drivers but them 3 weeks later they had. Amazing turn around if the excuse given by the Tories was actually true. Many bins are still standing full waiting for a collection that is now 2 days late. It’s ironic that when the Tories were in opposition they moaned and groaned but since taking power it’s got a lot worse with no solution in sight. I accept am biased but if you can’t even get the bin right won’t hope for the rest of the services. Terrible service, Ps missing the Tory spin Doctor, hopefully gone and easily forgotten

Dawn Hambling
2021-09-04 16:30:35

Yes once again, no bin collections, this is really unacceptable. Don’t know what is the matter with veolia, but not good enough. Can’t keep blaming everything on Covid

Ms Jill Rainer
2021-09-05 09:14:23

Harlow council as conservatives are totally useless. The in & out roads & area's are kept very nice with the grass cut litter picked up etc etc BUT the housing estates are a complete cutter of a mess, the hedges bushes trees all look very ugly very untidy & it's like living in a jungle walking on pavements we are slapped by over grown bushes, can't get through pathways unless you take scissors or garden shears out with you, where I live the bushes are almost as high as the houses, put it this way we all be walking on the roads as there is NOTHING done about them, most of HTS imployees start about 9.30am. & Finish 3.30pm but in-between time they sit in carparks smoking talking to girlfriends mates etc then it's lunchtime after lunch it's so close to 3.30pm it's time to get back to the yard after a very NON eventful day & clock off. This council is absolutely useless, people don't want to move in to Harlow they want to move out. Harlow is becoming a graveyard, no shops no looking after housing estaes everything overgrown & no wonder there is so much crime. HTS for Harlow needs a good kickup the ?

2021-09-06 07:51:08

When will people realise that it doesn't matter what local government is serving in office they have no real power, they are only supposed to be our voice as a collective. You've got stale reactive council employees who have been sitting in the same position for 20+ years. Their no 1 agenda is to not rock the boat, stay in their comfortable job and just keep an audit trace of money spent in event its ever asked, to say we spent money well and we did our bare minimum as local council to meet minimum requirements. What we need to do as the people of the town is to stand and question everything that is done. When things are not done, we create a fuss. The councils no1 answer is always it's due to cuts, or 3rd party issue. The council will never stand up and say they were wrong!

2021-09-10 17:06:22

10-9-21 18.00 Here we go again another week where the dustbins are not emptied, they go out on Wednesday night for a Thursday collection and once again Veolia fail to do what they are paid to do. Thursday I Phone Harlow town hall and they are polite and just say Veolia have problems, but leave your bin out they should be collected Friday along with the other seventy four other areas that have been missed. Friday comes and goes with the same non arrival of Veolia to do what we pay them to do, so phone Harlow town hall and again same polite answer, to the effect they have no idea if and when the bins will be emptied. So yet again Veolia are not fit for purpose, HCC your a total joke and need to refund the residents of Harlow for these non collections.

Diane Abbott
2021-09-13 21:41:17

Try telling the council that you are withholding their rates, you'd be astounded at how quickly they can organise themselves. Time the gravy train was derailed.

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