Review: Sexy Lamp: Not in Kansas anymore…

Entertainment / Sat 18th Sep 2021 at 10:16am

THIS was the first time this reviewer had been back at the Theatre 2 in the Harlow Playhouse since February 2020.

We are very loyal fans of Theatre 2. It is an opportunity for audiences to see acts that had played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and a number of other festivals around the country.

The PayWhatYouCan scheme doesn’t put pressure on artist or audience.

And so we come to Sexy Lamp. In many ways this was the archetypal Theatre 2 show. One actor (Kate Arnstein) taking us on a one woman’s journey through trying to make her way in the world of acting.

From Lichfield to London, it bears witness that things haven’t really changed since the time of the Hollywood casting couch.

What Kate manages to do from a sedentary position is draw us into a predatory world. From drama school to an audition for a show and a journey on the tube, this performance should be seen by every aspiring drama student.

However, it is performed with optimism and cheer. Yes, we do find out about the wage structure on the Wizard of Oz (good news for Tonto, not so good news for Judy Garland) but it is Kate’s wit, her charm and her positivity that keep you on the yellow brick road.

There are a lots of boxes to be ticked in the show and this ticks all the boxes as a Harlow Playhouse Theatre 2 show.

This is not some dour MeToo diatribe but rather a witty, affectionate, proud, confident one-woman show.

At the heart of it is a brilliant performance by Kate Arnstein. The bottom line is that this reviewer will be keen to see Kate’s next production.

Great to be back at Theatre 2.

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