GP rescue plan to boost face-to-face consultations

Health / Thu 14th Oct 2021 at 07:12am

GPs in England are being told to see more patients face-to-face as ministers unveil a £250m winter rescue package.

The emergency funding is being handed to GPs so they can recruit extra locum staff with an emphasis on providing more same-day appointments.

Social distancing rules are also expected to be relaxed so that GPs can bring more people into their buildings.

It comes amid mounting criticism about the fall in face-to-face appointments since the start of the pandemic.

Only 58% of patients were seen face-to-face in August – the first full month following the ending of restrictions.

That compares with 54% in January and more than 80% before the pandemic.

Patients have also complained of long waits on phone lines to book an appointment.

The £250m funding is part of the extra £5bn Covid fund announced last month to help the NHS through to the end of the year, and comes on top of the £12bn set aside for GP services this year.

Alongside locum doctors, GP practices will be able to use it to recruit other temporary staff such as physios and podiatrists.

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3 Comments for GP rescue plan to boost face-to-face consultations:

2021-10-14 20:26:59

Why is a rescue plan needed ? Surely they just go back to what they were doing. One thing to rescue is actually how to get through to a surgery again on the phone. More often than not either a massive wait (2hours) or cannot even get into the queue to wait on hold.

2021-10-15 07:49:21

It's funny how countless private businesses have managed to recover and adapt to changing demands, working remotely still offering exceptional services, yet public sector and those receiving public funding are unable! And please don't suggest the cuts, recent reports of doctors working part time yet still receiving full wages does not make business sense, it's demonstrating greed and bullying making the nhs cave to their demands!

2021-10-15 09:11:29

Doctor's surgeries are an absolute joke! Over an hour waiting on the phone and that's only if you can get in the telephone queue, which is capped at 15 people. If you go into the surgery, they won't accept your request to speak to a doctor, just tell you to phone up (which is easier said than done) I have COPD and have worked throughout the pandemic, yet our so called doctors have what excuse exactly!!!!

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