“In Memory of….” a special memorial service at St Stephen’s Church

Faith Matters / Fri 5th Nov 2021 at 11:14am

AS autumn drifts into winter, St Stephen’s Church, near Bush Fair in Harlow, is turning its thoughts and prayers outward, to the important time of remembrance we are entering, and to the needs of the community. 

As leaves that have turned golden wither and fall from the trees, we are reminded that death is not the end, and that new life and new hope awaits all of us who accept, trust, and turn to our Lord Jesus. We remember that The Church is made up not just of the Church on earth, but those who have preceded us into heaven. 

For many of us, Remembrance will evoke feelings of sadness and loss. At St Stephen’s we hope that people won’t shy away from those feelings, they are part of an important processes. Whether the feelings are in relation to loss experienced decades ago, or more recently, whether they relate to wars in times gone by, or lives lost during the painful last two years battling Covid, remembering and Remembrance can be an important part of the grieving and healing processes. 

On Remembrance Sunday Evening, 14th November, at 6:30pm, St Stephen’s Church will be holding a special Memorial Service. There will be a point in the service where the names of those lost, but loved and remembered, will be read out, and individuals who have submitted the names will be able to come forward and light a candle for their loved one. 

The service is open to all – but those intending to attend are invited to email Revd Darren McIndoe BEFORE the service, with the name of the person or persons being remembered. Please email Darren on [email protected] 

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